Witches night/Walpurgisnacht


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Sep 30, 2008
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Wichita Kansas !
Don't you just love local customs and world couture ?

tonight here in Germany ( and other places) is Witches night ,

tonight we have to bring in out flower pots and door matts . and put the car in the garage for the night ,

if we dont we will spend tomorrow looking for our stuff and pulling toilet tissue and maio off the car , lol
graffiti is often sprayed to ,

the police do not get involved unless people take it to far ,

some info from weekapedia ;
Walpurgis Night - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

so what about you ? have you ever been somewhere with strange / interesting customs ?
maybe the place you live in has some ?

I used to live on ths isle of wight , they had annual garlic festivals and carnivals ,

before Germany we had Italy where le baffana (an old witch ) was more popular than Santa at Xmas!

then in the new year they would burn her in village Born fires! :-/

and when i was tiny i lived in a fishing village in Scotland they used to have a yearly Sea parade including a sea queen :)
We have Devil's Night but that is the day before Halloween. It sounds similar to your Witches Night.

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