Worst nail week ever-Rant


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Beas nails

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Jan 5, 2013
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Bracknell Berkshire
Omg worst week ever!! Been offering Gelish nails for nearly a year now and apart from the first month or so my nails last at least 3 weeks and I do a lot of adventurous nail art using lots of different mediums which nearly always go to plan!! I have had 3 sets which have just been really stressful! The first was rock star nails (simple yeah?!) which I do regularly. For some reason the glitter just wouldn't fully cover the sticky layer of Gelish!!!! I do it the same every time and use the same glitter so in the end had to do something's else ,thank god was one of my friends who Didnt mind. Second set was using my konad stamping kit which I haven't used for a month or so and that took ages, I have used it a million times but nothing would pick up. And most recently a set using additives but there was a few air bubbles I had missed which I had to file down and work over. Ahhhhh does ne one else have bad weeks where nothing seems to go right?! Nearly fully booked next week so trying to b positive and just put it down to one of those things!!! Feel better now lol
When your plan went slightly awry in the first set, it may have subconsciously thrown you and set the tone for the next two. Chin up and keep positive - not all sets go to plan :)
Thank Hun. I did wonder have a spooked myself lol! Xx

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