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Discussion in 'Nail' started by hayleypayne, May 28, 2008.

  1. hayleypayne
    Hi everyone im looking at nail drills, i have found these two one is on ebay and one on the nail warehouse. there is a massive difference in price but look identical, i know one is from china but what i was wondering was is there a massive differnce between them, will the quality be the same etc.
    Hayley x x

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  2. louiser
    Are you trained in using an efile? I would opt for the unit recomended by you're training xx
  3. hayleypayne
    im not yet, and wont be using it until i am but i need one for the course in a few weeks.
    Hayley x x
  4. leah82
    I have the second one the JD700, I bought mine from ebay!! Have had it a couple of years now & took it on the training course with me. The trainer couldn't fault it as it was the same practically as the one they use/sell but even she bought the one similar to mine for her shop for a fraction of the cost!! But its a good e-file so why pay double/tripple. I Love a bargin!! Just make sure it comes with a guarentee & all paperwork info. HTH.

    I'm not saying the ones they sell aren't good just a lot more expensive & as the quality can be the same, it does seem daft to pay more. :)
  5. hayleypayne
    Thankyou for your reply, nail drills can be expensive thats why i had a look on ebay. I didnt want to buy something poor quality tho. I feel better now i know someone who has brought one.
    Thanks alot
    Hayley x x
  6. Sparklepink
    personally..... id be careful getting the one off ebay.... the seller doesnt have the best feedback.... i never buy anything form anyone with less than 99% as you never know what you are getting.... also how can they sell an efile for a tenner when its more than 10 times that from a reputable company....

    the thing with efiles is that they are not all the same.... the hand piece you buy imo is very important.... does it vibrate when using it??... is the hand piece strong enough to file the length of and enhancement down with out the file stopping??.... lower quality files (mainly the cheaper ones) dont always have right right number of baring cases to keep the drill bits straight and steady... they may only have one baring case where as some efile hand pieces have anything from 2 to 5


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  7. Mrs.Clooney
    I agree with Jess. Be very careful with purchasing electrical equipment off ebay. Just my opinion but the above advise is wise. You can't afford to make an error with an electric nail file. Better to purchase from a reputable source with something like this. May cost more initially but worth it in the long term.

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