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Discussion in 'Business' started by blossom, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. blossom
    Probably like many of you guys, I'm going to raise my prices in the New Year.

    I wondered about putting a Notice up in a Very Prominent Place (ie on my windowsill and maybe a large poster on the side of my nail trolley), so people will hopefully see it and maybe we can talk about it naturally rather than me just announcing "hey this is gonna cost you more!"

    Any ideas on how to word the notice professionally yet nicely?

    And if I put the notice up at the beginning of January, giving notice of price increases at the end of the month, is that sufficient time for all to become aware do you think?

    Another point, at hairdressing salons I've been to, nobody has ever mentioned a price increase, they just do a notice. Should I make a point of bringing it to everyone's attention even if they don't seem to see it?

    All tips greatly appreciated. I HATE doing this. :rolleyes: I know it's my problem but I still hate it. It seems even worse because a basic rebalance is £20 so it means people are going to have to fish round for odd coins now instead of a simple note.

    I have held my prices for a couple of years (no, actually, the French rebalance has actually increased in price because I realised its value and the time taken was not recognised in the price charged).

    Who else is putting prices up?
  2. CurlyQs
    I totally understand why you hate this. But you deserve it!

    I think the simpler, the better. Like you said, very prominent, but all it needs to say is.... As off ----- prices are as follows: and include your increases.

    I do think it's nice to do it in advance so clients see it and can plan to pay that much at their next visit. Have it sit where they can't NOT see it while you're working. That way if they don't mention it during their treatment, when they pay you can point out the sign, that you're sure they noticed so they are aware of the cost at their next treatment.

    I think explanations and too much info. make you sound guilty - which you may feel but they don't need to know that!!! I think we all over explain sometimes and make things more painful.

    Good luck!
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  3. HeatherDavis
    Keep it simple:

    Dear customers;

    "As of *Date*, a service price increase will go into effect. Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your continued patronage.

    *salon name*
  4. rouge
    We put our prices up a couple of months ago and worded it like this:

    From February (or whatever month) 1st there will be an increase in prices. Please see our new price list for details.

    As you have people come to you every 3-4 weeks (at a guess), it gives time for most of your clients to be aware of the changes. We did have one or two who were paying in cash and only brought enough to cover the old price, but as they were regulars, we just said that we'd let them off this time and the new price would take effect from their next appointment.
  5. dawncbn
    HI, I used to put up a polite notice of an increase. If it really took a customer by surprise then I would let them pay the old price but that they would know what to expect on their next visit. This attitude always went down well and they felt good that you let them have it at the old price.
  6. angel fingers
    if you feel that the clients will think you greedy, you could always include the phrase 'due to an increase in the cost of supplies'

    but i know exactly how you feel, i'm going to have to raise my prices soon too.
  7. Angelaznailz
    I've got my new price list all printed and ready to go in the New Year, but I've also got a discount voucher that I've been giving out to regulars in December for use in Jan & Feb. So I'm hoping one will cancel the other out and ease the transition. :irked: I've also got a sign to go up on my desk informing clients of the new prices and treatments. (I've added 2 new ones.)
  8. Vetty
    I'm putting my prices up from about February (actually from when I get my new price lists printed!!). What I'll do is charge new clients the new price straight away but tell my exisitng clients that they have 2 months at the old price as a gesture of loyalty.....

    Being mobile I'll give everyone a new price list when I'm taking their money and tell everyone during the conversation across the appt. I did this 2 years ago and it was fine.

    I'm raising my basic rebalance price from £20 to £25.
  9. amirose
    I have just put my pedicure prices up as they were too low anyway but I have also introduced a new pedicure.

    I have printed off some new leaflets and at the end of the treatment AFTER they have paid (so they know they are not going to have to pay more there and then) I hand them the new leaflet and tell them that our pedicure prices have just gone up by a couple of pounds, but!, we have also just introduced a new vanilla pedicure (with a huge :green:) I then go on to tantalise them with my lush new pedi :). No problems at all so far. Infact I realised after she had left that another client thought I meant the manicures as well and still didnt have any problem which makes me think perhaps I might push those up a bit at some point.

  10. Trinity
    Sorry Heather, I disagree with this. Don't apologise, it's not an inconvenience to pay for a service that's worth the cost.

    You don't hear Sainsburys apologising for putting the price of milk up, do you imagine Leighton Denny (for instance) says to his celebrity clients 'I've put my prices up love, sorry about an inconvenience' :lol: hell no!

    Blossom - So they'll have to find some coins, or you'll have to keep more change in your cash box, so what, its not a problem. Do you stress if something you want means you have to find a pound coin instead of a round tenner? no, don't create an atmosphere about something that doesn't warrant it. Be confident about yourself, your business and your worth :hug:
  11. blossom
    Thanks for all your replies, they made good reading. Really nice to know I'm not alone in feeling awkward about this, although I know I shouldn't :rolleyes: I'M WORTH IT LOL

    Vetty - great idea! I do think that would soften it . . . and make me feel better!! Think I might do 2 appointments rather than 2 months though lol, that's the tightarse in me coming out :lol: I daren't put a basic rebalance up to £25 although I'd like to, I was thinking of £22 or £22.50.

    Trinity - you're right, I'm creating my own problem there! I'm going to make sure I've got loads of change.

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