Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking - Does it work ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Marlise, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Marlise

    I've been a smoker for 13 years now and I am thinking about quitting. It's costing me too much and my recently I've been getting really bad chest pains.

    I've read a few threads on here about Geeks using the above book and giving it good reports.

    Does it really work and would you recommend it ?

    I've quite using patches before and quite for 2 years. I was really pleased with myself but then started a new job and bam, back to the old routine.

    Your opinions would be appreciated. :hug:


    Didnt work for my mum or my hubby sadly.

    It DID work for a buddy of mine for 3 or 4 months ....but unfortunately she slipped off the wagon again.

    I know lots of geeks have had success with it though.

    Spose its like anything HOW STRONG IS YOUR WILLPOWER!

    AMb x
  3. Glorsclaws
    My son gave up after reading the Alan Carr book but then a fall out with the girlfriend, a stress load at work, a wild weekend with his mates (the old peer pressure) & he's back puffing again.
    Im so disappointed, he'd given up for 6 weeks which is the longest he's ever managed.
    I honestly think if he hadnt gone off with his mates for the weekend he'd still be on the wagon now!
    Good luck.
  4. kittenclaws
    well done on deciding to be a non smoker:hug: , it has been a year for me this month and i feel great for it

    i found the paul mccenna (sp?) hypnosis cd was fantastic and that combined with patches helped me stop, i was on 40 a day then 0 i didnt hav to do the cutting down bit, im not saying it was easy, somedays my hubby and kids would run for cover to get away from the rageing monster mummy:irked: , but i came throught it quickly and dont realy have any cravings any more, i had smoked since i was 11, so that was 18 years.
    good luck hun and keep positive, you can do it:hug:
  5. HappyHands
    i found this c.d worked for me as well.. but it does have alot to do with willpower as well, i slip of the wagon sometimes but only if p***** and then its just a puff tastes grose and cant smoke anymore of it.. good luck hun.:hug:
  6. ellasmum

    I did not read the book but did go to one of the Allan Carr top smoking ctr sessions. I went to one in Edgbaston Birmingham and quit smoking on that day 8 years ago, never touched one since.
    Sam X
  7. Sals
    It really worked for me. Unfortunately I got drunk one night (after nearly a year not smoking) and am back on 20 a day!! :rolleyes:
    Good for you for wanting to quit. Think I might join you. Good luck.:hug:
  8. Marlise
    Wow, thanks for the quick replies !

    I suppose I'm a bit of skeptic and I find it hard to believe that a book could just make you quite..... but I suppose it's the price of a packet of cigarettes, so nothing to loose hey.

    Will order it over the weekend and see how it goes. Have to admit, I'm already feeling REALLY panicky at the prospect of not having a smoke :eek:

  9. becki x
    Wether you have patches a book or npthing at all,it all comes down to will power imo,something i lack !
  10. HappyHands
    i found changing my routen helped as well.. ie. i used to let the dog out before bed and have a cig.. but instead i open the door for her and hubby gets her in while i go and get ready for bed, or make a cuppa.. after dinner instead of having a cig.. wash up straight away i know you prob wont feel like it but it really does work and before you know it the weeks have passed.. good luck and thinking of you
  11. Sals
    Just what I was going to say! I must admit, I think it worked for me because I really wanted to stop and was so determined. I felt really happy and proud when I put out that last cigarette. So disappointed in myself that I started again. Anyway, I'm off for a ciggie. :lol:
    If you're determined, hun, you'll quit no problem.
  12. adelekeegan1
    I had 2 ciggies last night after not smoking since March. I am cross with myself but I am determined to stay off them.

    It has nearly killed me stopping but it paid for my training, I don't want to smoke any more and looking at my Mum I am too afraid to smoke any more.

    I used patches and a fear of my blood pressure breaking the machine to stop. Suddenly what I had got away with since I was 16 was catching up on me.

    It is incredibly difficult, I have put on weight have developed the temper from hell but Paul kisses me without saying Yuk and Kelsie will sit on my lap now.

    I found the biggest help was giving up drinking at the same time because the 2 go together with a phone wedged on my shoulder sitting on my perch in the conservatory. I do drink again now but rarely sit on perch with the phone

    To anybody who is thinking about it I would say tell as few people as poss and just take it 1 day at a time and see how far you get.
  13. Marlise

    You know what, I think you might have just spurred me on that little bit more :hug:

    I really want to do the Creative Foundation course, but can't afford it. But if I save the money I spend on smoking, I will be able to do it in 6 months time ! Thanks for making me think like that.

    Yes, I know what you mean. My mum has been smoking for 40 years and she is in a bad way. She stopped smoking last year for 2 months which I was SO PROUD of her for. My mum has never tried to quite and because she had a very serious health scare, she just went cold turkey.

    She had to go for a major op and was off work for quite some time, but as soon as she went back, her boss actually led her into temptation ! I was SO VERY angry at her and still am.

    So yes, with me having chest pains and seeing what's happening with my mum I am seriously thinking about it.

    god help me though that I get through it :eek:

  14. missytinny
    My boss went on his course early this year, she had tried everything and so far has not touched one she was a heavy smoker, she swears by it.
    Me i have just given up (again) I gave up for 3 years before, then silly cow I am started again, but now I think what is the point next year it will be banned from most places, you go and give it a whirl. My advice to you is dont say you are giving up, say you HAVE given up!! :hug:
  15. HappyHands
    the first time you say NO when someone offers you a cig is such a great feeling...
  16. nailzoo
    A client just gave me the the book the other day (the new hardback edition with 2 cd's enclosed) All I have to do now is start reading it. I gave up using patches for 6 weeks, but 6 weeks ago my dog gave birth to puppies and one was still born (this really did my head in) and i've been fagging ever since. But, i really enjoyed the way I felt for those 6 weeks , so i'm gonna give it another shot.
    It's shame that after helping many people stop he (Allen) is himself dying of lung cancer, but ...... oddly enough i know 3 people that have died from lung cancer and never smoked ..... go figure.
  17. purplebunnies
    I gave up 10 days ago not craving nictotine as i'm on the patches. But craving the habit, this is where you need to be strong willed. I never smoked in my house always outside, so it was a mad dash during commercial breaks to nip outside and smoke my fag really quick before the programme started again.

    Also after dinner - have a fag, down the pub - have a fag, walking - have a fag. Everything i did revolved around smoking. You have to re-educate yourself which is the hardest part. After dinner - wash up, commercial break - read a mag etc.

    Being addicted to a substance, you dont crave the drug you crave the way it makes you feel, hence why you do it more. The feeling of the first fag in the morning never compares to any other that you smoke in the day, so physicologically you smoke move to get that feeling again and your not aware of it. (this is what my smoking coucellor told me and he is right).

    Good luck. I know you can do it.:hug:
  18. gillian w
    That book did work for a neighbour i know.The best advice i can give as an ex smoker numerous times but now forever, is that you must never think you can evenhave one. Its a bit like an alcoholic with drink.I wouldn't smoke for weeks go out think oh i'll just have one as im out then the next time i might have a couple and then another few weeks i'd be off again.Once you make that decision that must be it never ever ever have another one.
  19. Urban Geek
    I smoked for 26 years and was smoking 40 a day. I smoked Silk Cut Extra Mild and there was so little nicotine in them that I am sure I was addicted to the chemicals. The milder the cig, the more chemicals apparently.

    I tried everything, Allen Carr's book (which is brill and worked for my sis and her hubby), a session with Allen Carr himself, hypnosis, acupunture, patches, gum and Zyban.

    After years of wanting to but really scared because I didn't remember life without a cig, I eventually gave up cold turkey 6 years ago. Yes, I have put on weight but I would rather be a plump non-smoker than the compulsive smoker I was. I seldom think about cigs now but when I do I just think I really couldn't be bothered with them and all the negatives that come with them, not to mention the timebomb you feel is ready to go off any time.

    I would certainly highly recommend the book and you certainly won't think of smoking in the same way after reading it. Good luck in giving up - YOU CAN DO IT!
  20. *JOANNE*
    i read the book february last year and with the book and patches gave up smoking for 6 months, first time i had ever even tried to give up smoking....but alas 6 months later i got ill but thought i was good barmy and now i am back to a fully fledged...fag ash lil

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