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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Nailz73, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Nailz73
    HI all

    I have been away from beauty therapy for a while and am currently doing my nail tech course. I am also thinking about adding a few beauty treatments in conjunction with this, since i am alredy qualified :O)

    First treatment i was going to advertise was eylelash and brow tinting.

    Just wanted to fish for advice on the best brands to go for.


  2. eden_beauty
    Hi - I use Salon systems - i buy from capital hair and beauty and it doesnt cost alot for a kit of blue,black,brown and grey. Includes dappen dish too. The tint comes out really nice. You don't have to buy something really expensive as this does the job very nicely and my clients live it!
  3. Bed Bunny

    I like Refectocil as they do a wide range of colours including 2 shades of brown.

    I like their light brown for blondes and they also do a red which i recently discovered you can mix with either or both browns to perfectly match a redhead's hair.

  4. Nailz73

    Thanks for the information, i shall have a look tonight. I cant do anything yet anyway i have to get my insurance which i am still looking into.. (((sighs)) lol..

    Sara :lol:
  5. Kim Lawless
    Do you know if they do a kit of all of their colours? Also, who is the main distributor? Thanks. xxx
  6. Zo Zo
    I don't think they do a kit as such. Beauty Express sell it. Possibly Hive. It's not everywhere though.
  7. essentia
    They most certainly do - try Hive they do a full size kit or a student one. :)
  8. Bed Bunny
    I got some good deals on Refectocil at the Professional Beauty show which is coming up soon so worth a look if you're going.

  9. Nailz73
    Do you have to do any training in the brand at al does anyone know ??
  10. pure
    Staff Member
    Thuya is a good brand which offers a number of different coloured tints and they also do kits for perming as well. Ellisons is their main supplier over here.

    As long as you have a tinting qualification that is sufficient for buying and using any of the brands.:hug:
  11. ~cHeRiSh~

    Hive no longer sell Refectocil. We use Refectocil - good choice of colours.
  12. tingle
    I found a starter kit for refectocil on this website Beauty-In-Time
    which seems to have all the colours
  13. Kim Lawless
    Thanks for the heads up on the starter kit, but the one that I originally saw, had a complete range of colours.

    I've just called Refectocil in Austria and they gave me their UK distributor's website. Guess what! No mention of Refectocil on their website.

    Back to the drawing board. xxx
  14. Teebster
    I have tried to source this kit too Kim as it comes with a colour mixing chart etc in a small case and cannot trace it any where in the uk either. Let me know please if you have any luck. Thanks xx
  15. Kim Lawless
    I will do.......remind me though as I have a memory like a sieve.

    It's funny but as amazing the internet is, sometimes it's hard to find basic information isn't it. xxx
  16. tingle

    Did you have no luck with the website I posted for refectocil?

  17. Kim Lawless
    Thanks for that Lisa, but they have limited colours. Refectocil do a whole range of colours for lashes and brows. I could kick myself as I should have bought it when I saw the complete kit, but now I can't remember the site address. Thank you anyway. xxx
  18. Kim Lawless
    Oh Tingle!!! I've just looked again and seen that they do have it all. Thanks so much. xxx
  19. Teebster
    Oh yes found it too now - thanks tingle x
  20. Kim Lawless
    I've ordered to whole system (almost £100), so I'll let you know. Oh.....I do love a new toy to play with. xxx

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