best method of hair extensions?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by zwitsak, May 19, 2007.

  1. zwitsak
    Hi girls,
    many years now i am wearing hair extensions...i tried almost everything....strands with keratine,silicone,curtains,clip ones,....
    lately i heard about micro rings.anybody used that? and if yes what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this method done...and which is the best method you suggest ?
  2. auntsally
    i do balmain hair extensions double hair wefts the weft are very thin and extremly light they are bonded in along the middle of the weft have you tried these the balmain hair is so lovely and the condition of the hair is great they are also reusable when they are due to be removed they can be repositioned and used again whitch saves you money in the long run just paying for the rebonding and not the hair
  3. lancashirelass
    When I had the micro rings in I found them very uncomfortable and I took them out after a week but yet others love them I suppose its each to there own favourite method and what suits.
  4. EbonyEyes
    I have a set of Gloss 100% human hair extesions and they are fantastic. They are clip in ones and they dont budge, and the hair is soo soft and silky. A pack comes with 5 pieces but there is alot of hair and i find i only use three of them most of the time

    I would recommend them to anyone
  5. xniceyloux
    hiya hun have you tried the shrinkies method??

    they are a clear plastic tube thats kinda like fusion but with no shedding and damage!

    they will last at least 3 months depending on the quality of hair of course!
    my clients come back to me between 2 and a half 3 months with the shrinkies method!

    micro rings are good if applied correctly. i do prefer micro tubes tho! they are a little longer and lay much flatter. this method will last about 2 months until they need moving up the head.

    a word of warning if you are going to go ahead with the micro rings make sure you do not get the screw thread ones. they will mash the hair up!

    hth hun x
  6. zwitsak
    when you go on shrinkies can you re use them like the tubes or rings method?
    do you have any pics of shrinkies? i never heard of them..
    those methods last more tha keratine and silicone?and which is the best hair quality to use? my hair is shoulder length,blond-i am natural brunette but too much hair and dry
  7. -sophisticutz-
    I have to agree with the double hair, I was not that impressed with it when it first come out and it took me awhile to convert from individual bonds. I now only do double hair and I have more extension clients as they are so comfortable and easy to maintain. Best of all balmian give you a 6 month guarantee on all hair and their tech support is the best I have used.

    Donna x
  8. minky
    I'm not too fussed on using balmain In my own experience find the hair extension (single strands) go's a bit too tatty to re use again :rolleyes:
    but perhaps they have improved recently :rolleyes: also have you ever tried using that 6 month guarantee ? mmmmmm
    I will say is that their training is excellent and their other products are great .
  9. -sophisticutz-
    I dont re-use the single strands, infact I rarely use them. I was talking about the double hair :) The only experience I have had with balmain bonds going tattty is if they were incorrectly applied or the client has not been follow the aftercare to the letter. Unfortunately client s dont take the advice all the time and then wonder why they go tatty :mad:

    I have had only good experience of using the guarantee and even when its been a clients mis-use they have still replaced them as a goodwill gesture :)
  10. minky

    Oh it must be different with the double hair then :confused: maybe it doesn't go as tatty
    as the singles ,
    I must admit I was put off and very disappointed as my clients really paid a lot for them and when we complained they blamed the clients aftercare and never replaced theirs as a gesture of goodwill. ( in my eyes the clients looked after their hair ) they
    followed the aftercare to the letter and bought all the expensive aftercare range .
    Maybe they have changed now though :rolleyes:
    I do have some double hair that I bought a while ago I shall give it a go :)

    I now make my own singles from imported untreated hair,
    untreated meaning eg it is not put into vats of acid baths to remove the cuticle and is not silicone coated.

    The hair I now use still has its cuticle on it and it is root to point correct which can be tested by running your finger and thumb up and down the hair.

    I find that with this hair you can treat it in exactly the same way as normal hair ,
    this hair only needs a good shampoo and conditioner.

    It is natural hair and it behaves as such it can also be re used, colored and permed too
    I also find Racoon hair extensions nice and lightweight, and of excellent quality.

    I do sometimes think about the ethics of hair extensions and whether these people who sell their hair gets a fair deal ? (fair trade hair would be good ) :hug:
  11. minky

    Hi there
    these shrinkies sound really good do you have to put some bonding adhesive in them ? :hug:
  12. -sophisticutz-
    Yes I am not to keen on the singles and its a shame you had a bad experience with Balmain. You should give the double hair a go, it is (IMHO) the best technique I have come across and the most comfortable for clients. Best of all it takes around 2 hrs (if Im taking it slow) to apply no more 5 hr ext back ache ;)

    I have tries making my own but find it too messy and fiddly. I dont get on well with bale hair and applaud those who do as I know cost wise, it is cheaper for the salon. The Balmain you can use most good quality shampoo and conditioners as long as they have no fruit acid in them. I am not a fan of Balmain aftercare products but always give my clients a bottle of the shampoo F.O.C to care for the ext but advise Aussie if they dont get on with that. I have found Schwarzkopf okay too, its all trial and error. You can though perm and colour the double hair too. I am not a fan of Raccon. I find the bonds break up waxy in the hair and give a dandruff effect. The hair splits easy, often they are riddled with nit eggs. They are too inconsistant with their batches of hair but have the cheek to charge the earth for it. If you prefere the single strand effect additional lengths do great hair but it is Indian temple hair.

    Balmain are also ethical, This was a biggy for me, Im a fair trade girl :) the 'hair growers' are contracted to grow their hair and every hair batch is traceable to that person, so if any problems occur they can recall the batch. Also the women recieve an equivilant to 6 months wages, it is not temple hair. Its grown to order :) It is actually illegal to use the so-called Russian prison hair you read about in the tabloids/media and I would very much doubt any reputable hair ext company would do so. The only time Russian prison hair is used is on the dolly styling heads :eek:

    Now I think I may go call Balmain for some commission on this wonderful sales pitch *lol*
  13. minky
    I was just thinking about the dolly head hair I dont know what to think about that one,
    thanks Donna for some really excellent knowledge and advice :hug:
    All these discussions really help lots of us gather loads more knowledge on these different types of extensions thank you for taking the time to answer :hug:
  14. minky

    Hiya zitsak
    after all these fab discussions and info on hair extensions
    you'll have to let us know what method you go for :hug:
  15. zwitsak
    i`ve also tried balmain hair...single strands and double wear also...
    the hair quality is totally excellent...the best i ever find....but i don`t want any glue again on my hair it is a damage anyways of te excellent placement due to heat nd doubles are easy and reusable but you don`t have the same feeling such as put your fingers in your hair or shampooing i will go to micro tubes....i think they are the best heat ,no glue and reusable..
    i found a link in internet
    i found great hair by pics..does anyone knows more about that?
  16. Shezbabe
    I have Balmain double hair extensions and i think they are fabulous. My hair was about four inches in length and now i have hair down to my bra strap. I've had them for three weeks and i'm so pleased with them. The quality of the hair is excellent and they are pretty easy to look after so long as you keep them well conditioned. In addition to the balmain products, I use frizz ease serum and spray conditioner as and when required. I am a fitness instructor and exercise every day. I wash my hair everyday (sometimes twice a day - depending on how much exercise i do) and have never had a problem with tangles or knots. They felt a bit lumpy for the first few days but then they settled down and now feel like they are part of my head. They look and feel very natural and i will definitely be keeping them for the long term. :lol:
  17. minky

    Hi there I have heard that the balmain double hair is good ,
    would you please let me know how you go on with them ,
    I have heard good and bad reports about the double hair,

    bye the way is it ok to put frizz ease on them? :hug:

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