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Discussion in 'Skin' started by p_hoarau, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. p_hoarau
    hi geeks

    just want to know what's your best spray tan solution when using on client, and also there brand name please, im doing some research for best solution so in 1 or 2 months time im gonna start doing spray tan, so girls need you advice there, thanks:)

  2. Jen Smith

    There are a 197 different threads to read about different tannng solutions, I just typed it in the search engine. Happy reading and researching. :hug:
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  3. roxy68

    The best tan is purely down to personal choice. There are alot of good suppliers out there that can offer you a quality product that is backed up with support in the form of training and marketing.

    I use Sienna X, not only because its an excellent product giving great results but the product smells of coconut and melon - yum. Not to mention that the packaging is pink ....

    The companies customer service is second to none and they've always been exceptionally helpful.

    f you're new to the industry you'll want to choose a company that can support you and give you a full service. Here are some of the questions worth considering:
    • Will they support me with training
    • Is their training accredited
    • Do they run frequent courses
    • Will they help you with your marketing
    • Will ythey let you try solutions and products
    • What support can they offer you for your business
    • What phone support do they offer
    • How quickly can they deliver products
    I asked these questions and Sienna X ticked all boxes for me... hth:)
    Good Luck with whatever you decide but more importantly - ENJOY !!!
  4. Treacle69
    I absolutely agree with Roxy68. She has said everything I would have!!!:)
    I use Sienna-x and have never (touch wood) had 1 complaint!!!
    My family, friends and myself tested lots of products for about 3 months before we agreed on the right solution.

    Its very important you do this as you want repeat business not bad word of mouth so soon in the game.

    I also use celebrity secrets but only their 16%
    Main reason is - Sienna does not have such a high percentage and there product fades just like Sienna. Trust me ive tested lots of 16's too.
    Good luck in your search luvvie...
  5. loubylou
    You can contact all the different companies and ask for a sample to try out for your self, most will give these free of charge hth
  6. debbie easter 1
    get a sample from each supplier and try before you buy
  7. Tracey Park
    couldnt of put it better myself Jen

    197 threads im sure there will be something there.

    at the end of the day - get samples and try them all till you find the solution that suits you and your clients best !!!

    tan on !!!!!
  8. shadez
    i would like to offer you all free sample of sun shadez if thats ok just pm me thanks xx
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  9. flirties
    I have picked up comments about the different percentages in spraytanning liquid which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and also from liquid to liquid.
    Common sense would think that the higher the percentage of DHA is the darker or better a liquid would tan, however that is not always the case as there is now different types of DHA available that tan differently. As with everything else there is the original and pure DHA which is by far the strongest and there is now a liquids available that use the synthetic DHA which has to use a much higher percentage to achieve the same result.

    I know there is also some threads on "cheap liquid" which is also down to this type of DHA as the pure DHA is more expensive to use, generally those liquids are more expensive but you only need a lower percentage to achieve the desired result. So when you are looking for a tanning liquid I would not only go by what the label says but try the liquids and see the results for yourself so you can offer the spraytan to your clients with confidence because you believe in it (as Loubylou said - all reputable manufacturers will send you a sample to try!)

    Another thing to consider is also that you might not like a particular liquid but your clients might absolutely love it so once you get going its always worth asking some of your best clients for opinion if you want to try something new.
  10. p_hoarau
    how many company of tanning liquid other there,that i can ask for sample?would they charge me for these sample?
  11. flirties
    Hi, there is a number of good tanning companies and you can contact them and ask for samples - they will all be different - most will send the samples free of charge and some might charge you.

    to make a start at your sample collection I am happy to send you samples of our liquids if you want to pm me your address.....:)
  12. crazysaz
    i love love love xen tan. really long lasting & natural colour. the lotion for home use is really flying of my shelves at the mo. if anyone wants me to post them some info then pm me as im a rep for them too.
  13. sharon h
    Hi if you want to sample some free solutions then go to Spray Tanning that is a great site. they are found in the solution section.
  14. siennax1
    Gotta be sienna x!

    I think it blends well and looks natural. I even had a client who forgot and put a seat belt around her and then she had a mark!!!! but when washed off it looked even. That's one of the main reasons I went for it:)
  15. LaurenSeymourX
    I have recently started up my own spray tan business, and would like some free samples. Does anyone know how i go about this?
  16. izzidoll
    Hi, this is a very old thread...from 2008, if you want to know more abut what suppliers there are for spray tan solution then you could do a search on this subject, then contact the suppliers to see if they sell or give out samples.
    Meantime I will close this thread, as it is a bit out of date.
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