Bubbles in nail polish

Discussion in 'Nail' started by noodles, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. noodles
    Hi all

    I have noticed that quite often when I paint my nails (I'm talking about just polish, not enhancements), I get tiny air bubbles in the polish on my nail. Why does this happen? I wondered if it was maybe because the polish isn't completely dry when I put my top coat on??

  2. marion
    ....the bottle. You should be rolling it between your palms
  3. xXxDaWn-JxXx
    I also think it's making sure your nails aer clean and free from surface oil? Give them a quick wipe over with some polish remover, let them dry, then paint, that should help too!

    Luv D* xXx
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  4. Christine81
    Like Marion wrote, you need to roll the bottle between your hands before use. If you shake it, it will cause a million tiny bubbles! And even though you might not see them, they're there and they will most probably surface while polish is drying.
  5. Doorie
    both reasons are right but cause different bubbles.

    is the nail plate is oily, your polish can tend to run from the oily part, or if applied thickly, will bubble.

    the air bubbles in the shaken polish are just SO ANNOYING, so always prep nails before applying your polish, always keep your polish bottle up, and never shake them. just be gentle with it ;);)

    and if your brush sucks, throw it away, you will never be able to apply a polish with a bad brush
  6. Mrs.Clooney
    1. As already said, don´t shake but roll polish bottle to gently mix.
    2. Ensure you have properly cleaned and degreased nail plate before
    applying enamel. Remind client not to touch their hair or face during
    mani as this reintroduces grease and oil.
    3. Don´t apply the enamel too thickly as drying between layers can
    be difficult and bubbles can develop.
    4. The quality of the nail enamel is essential. This is something I
    found out through the experienced geeks on this site and I have
    have to say that I agree.
  7. noodles
    Thanks everyone. I am guilty of shaking, rather than rolling the bottle so I will make sure I dont do this from now on. I will make sure my prep is thorough too. x

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