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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Ebony_d, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Ebony_d
    Hi guys,
    I need some good advice, i went to a hair salon today in my area and had my hair done,i have bleached blonde hair so i went for my roots doing, The hairdresser applied the bleach, after about 30minutes my scalp started to tingle and burn i told the hairdresser she checked it said it looked fine and left it a further 30min so it was on for an hour in total. She took me to the basins to get it washed off then she applied toner my scalp burned even more as she left it for 10mins then washed it off,she took me bk to my seat and dryed my hair my scalp was in agony really sore and started to swell up i told the hairdresser and she said its normal and my scalp was not red. It was so sore i refused to pay her £60 as i was not happy and in so much pain. I have had my hair like this now for 2 years and never had this problem so im thinking its something she has done wrong. i went to the doctors as soon as i got home they looked at my scalp and said it was really red and looked badly burnt. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what i can do,who to complain to etc.
  2. wonderwoman
    Although this post should be in the consumer section; Without knowing what your base is, or what product was used or the reaction to how your scalp looks like. It sounds as if you have built up an intolerance to bleach.

    Toners tend to be ammonia free and dont burn your scalp. If you have been on hoilday recently also makes the scalp very sensitive. Only thing i would advise if you ever did proceed on colouring in future is to ensure you have a skin allergy test done, as you may not realise just how sensitive your scalp is for ever 4weeks to keep having retouchs done. Also i would have some antihistamines and apply soothing creams in your scalp to help it.

    As you didnt pay for the treatment and you flat out refused, i dont think you could complain anymore than you have. hope you feel better xoxo
  3. ballyboo
    Try and get some Aloe Vera or tea tree shampoo/conditioner which will soothe your scalp. This happened to my sister for no reason (so we all thought) but it turned out she was pregnant at the time and didn't know! I was mortified, as she has had bleach on the scalp for the last 10 years and she had to wash it off after 10 mins so her roots were ginger! We had to do full head bleach highlights from then on, as she just couldn't bare it on the scalp. It will feel better in a couple of days and you will prob end up with some tiny scabs on your scalp, try not to pick them :eek:)
  4. Ebony_d
    thanks for the post,no i did not receive a skin test,i told her about 3 times it was hurting but she checked it and she said it looked fine and my scalp was not red but when i went the doctors they said it was really red and burnt they have noted it down so i have proof she burnt my scalp.
  5. persianista
    A skin test is not carried out before bleach. This was not an allergic reaction, it was a chemical burn. Very different thing indeed.
    Skin tests are to ascertain whether the PPD in hair dye will trigger an allergic reaction. There is no PPD in bleach.
  6. emmamb
    I was just gonna say the same.
    Although the stylist should have listened to you as soon as it started to become uncomfortable.
  7. brittone05
    Persianista - just a moment of my brain clicking more than anything but is there anything that would trigger a chemical reaction on someone who has been having bleach done for a fair while or is it a totally random thing that can happen at any point? Also, is it something that could be influenced by a hairdresser and the procedure they follow :D :D xx
  8. kitty78
    I wonder if they used a peroxide higher than 6%. That might explain why it burnt this time and doesn't normally.
  9. sarah_clancy
    This is what I thought too kitty, defo too high peroxide.
    Hope your scalp heals soon!xx
  10. persianista
    It can be caused by a number of things. First one would be a higher volume of peroxide. That would be my guess as she didnt take it off straightaway, it must have still looked yellow. Using a high volume won't get it lighter although most hairdressers seem to think it will, all it will do is burn you.
    It could also be that the hair was freshly washed, or that there was a hormonal issue regarding the scalp.

    Incorrectly mixed high lift tint can do the same thing. Exact mixing of tint is essential.
  11. Lux geek
    Defo think it is a intolerance!! This happens a lot the scalp can only take so much bleach!!
    I was bleaching my friend hair for years and he had this happen and we couldn't do it again!!
    You will probably find it will happen every time now!!
    Hope your scalp gets better soon xx
  12. kimi1101
    I burnt my own scalp, bleaching my hair (don't say it, i know i was dumb...)

    I took it off early and I had that lovely yellow glow so I though "I'll just chuck a toner on it" Well. If your scalp is already burnt, putting more chemicals on it is not going to make your scalp happy. It is going to sting.

    Whilst I agree with what you say about a patch test being carried out, I also thing that this is not a reaction to a toner. This is a burnt scalp from bleach, probably from using a high % of peroxide, being aggravated by another chemical service on top of it.
  13. Lamaur man
    I know that some bleach used for highlights can also be used on the scalp, but if I was performing a full head scalp bleach, I would only use an oil based bleach with booster sachets ect ect. They are supposed to be kinder on the scalp.

    If anyone agrees or disagrees, please let us know. Thanks.

    :p x
  14. Sgosney
    Hi there,
    Sorry to say there is no reason to do a skin test prior to bleach, it has No PPD's in which is what a skin test looks for, this is not an allergic reaction but a burn.
  15. soosh
    I can't believe u told her it's burning u and she left it on!! That's shocking!!!
  16. persianista
    clearly there was a problem as this poor girl has scalp burns, but it is not ppd causing this, so a test for ppd is not applicable.
  17. Ebony_d
    Thanks for all the replys people, my scalp has started to scab now really sore im taking legal action against the lady who did my hair currently with injury lawyers for you, i dint receive an appoligie or anything off the hairdresser,it was so painful at the time the hairdresser looked at my scalp after she took the bleach and toner off and said my scalp was not burnt about 30minutes later i went to the doctors and they even said my scalp was red and burnt. i just find it weird how i dint receive a skin test when i booked the appointment and how its never happened before.
  18. persianista
    a skin test is for the pigments in tints. There are no pigments in bleach. There is no skin test for bleach.

    She burnt you. She used too high a strength of peroxide, and it caused these burns. She did not exercise proper professional care. Not listening to your discomfort was a terrible mistake.
    I hope you get some redress for this. Please keep us updated as to how you get on.
  19. BeautyNerd
    One of the first things to come to mind when I read this was wondering if the stylist used "on-scalp" bleach or mixed the wrong stuff. We had a stylist in our salon ( who is now retired..tg) use the "off-scalp" type bleach and her client had a reaction to it... we got it off long before what you went through, but it was sill a bad day... luckily the client did say something so we took over , got her rinsed quick and then did a baking soda mash thing to help neutralize the scalp. Mistakes happen, but the stylist should have responded to your discomfort promptly. Sorry you had a bad experience.Hope your feeling better soon!
  20. lauren89
    I agree that a skin test should be done before bleach incase a toner is needed. But since her pain started before a toner was applied I don't really see what that has to do with her claim? Even if she had a skin test and it was ok the toner still would have caused discomfort as her scalp would have already been damaged.

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