Can you draw snowflakes????????? I'm struggling

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Bev Rose, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Bev Rose
    Does anyone have any idea how to draw a simple snowflake design on a nail, especially one that's easy to do on little nails as well as adult sizes!

    I'd show you mine but my goddam camera won't upload. :mad:

    Any help or pics, tutorials, offers of popping round when my clients are here etc will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. ValencianNails
    oooh... a while back (could have been ages ago lol) there was a pic on here with snowflakes on a nail... can't remember whose it was but I'm thinking it was Glo's (Glorsclaws), maybe try having a look in her gallery.
    I did snowflakes on clients nails last xmas, basically I used a white acrylic paint, did a reasonable sized cross from top to bottom and left to right, then on the diagonal did a smaller cross, then on the bigger cross did little flicky things coming off the edges, popped a rhinestone in the middle, top coat and voila, an easyish nail design :D's the link for Glo's snowflakes

    there's more in the Christmas Nailart Gallery
  3. Bev Rose
    Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for the info,
    I've just gone into the gallery & found Glo's - very pretty & Saraeaa or someone's lovely snowmen & snow flakes!, client's coming tomorrow at 2.15 so i'll get practising mid morning.

    I've tried, but i seem to get to thick a line for my crosses & then the flicky bits at the end seem to melt into each other!! Need a finer detailer i think!:biggrin:
  4. ValencianNails
    have you got a spare brush that could do with a haircut? I did that to one of my brushes, I'd doubled up by accident and gave it a trim, got a brush with only about half a dozen bristles and it's great for teenyweeny detail.
    make sure your main painting is dry before doing the fiddly bits, hopefully it should stay seperate and melt together.
  5. Bev Rose
    Yes, i have a couple of spares, i'll trim one and have a practise.

    Your a star or should i say snowflake!:D
  6. Lellipop

    Draw a cross then draw a line going down through it, Next add 2 V shapes to each line.:wink2:
  7. ValencianNails
    fab pic Lell...
    i just had a thought... because no 2 snowflakes are the same if we mess up slightly we can tell our clients they have 'authentic' one of a kind snowflakes lol :D
  8. Lellipop
    Yep designer snowflakes lol
  9. Bev Rose
    Well there it is!

    Designer snowflakes, how 'cool' .

    Well miffed as just snapped my own thumb nail off looking for spare brushes!!!:(
  10. Bev Rose
    :biggrin: Great pic lell by the way, thanks for that one XX
  11. ValencianNails
    you can blame me for your broken nail Bev :eek:
  12. Bev Rose
    Not your fault Sandi, I cracked it last night waxing my daughters eyebrows! God knows how, but it just went & cracked slightly at the smile line.

    I really hate the set i put on yesterday morning anyway, white tips ( yes i know CHEAT!!!!!) with a pink overlay:Scared: (OMG!) I have no excuses, only i need to take them off and get a grip on reality and my spare nail art brush! Then get some 'real' nails on!
  13. Zuise.e
    Boo hoo :Scared: - I wanna be able to do snowflakes!
    well i have the next best thing, got some stick on ones from nailtopia, they are lovely.:biggrin:

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