"Cleanse-it" /nail plate dehydrator during services?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by VHunter, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. VHunter
    First, forgive me if I ramble, not yet finished my morning coffee.:irked:

    I went to my distributors yesterday, and after a few questions there; now I'm confused.

    I had noticed that there wasn't any 'nail plate cleanser/dehydrator" in my kit. Just EZ Bond (nail prep, probably does same...)

    I had said to the rep, something along the lines of "I know cleanse-it contains some acetone, what is used to clean the nail when doing acrylic?" He said to me, "nothing, just use ez blond before application and a nail brush after"

    Nothing? Really?:confused:

    I use my cleanse-it to prep the nail, wipe away the 'stickies' after (sorry, not yet awake enough to spell the right word) but also to wipe away any dust/debris or whatever from filing that the nail brush didn't get.
    If I'm ever going to apply a uv gloss to the acrylic, what would I use??

    And what does everyone else use/do with their brand of L&P?
    Doesn't Creative have scrub fresh and isn't that used throughout the service? OR only in the beginning before product is applied.

    Very confuzzled this morning.

  2. VHunter
    Hello???????? anyone home?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  3. 1999judy
    Yes hun thats what your supposed to use with EzFlow before your primer...unless you're using HD x
  4. Purelynailz
    Hi ya,

    For prep with Ezflow L&p , once youve done the cuticle work and removed the shine, you then clean all the dust debris off the nail plate with a nail brush, then ezbond twice, then apply primer ( if using qmonomer/apolymer) Then apply the l&p as usual.
    I was never taught to use cleanse it to prep the nail with when i did my gel it courses , the prep for Ezflow gels is the same as the l&p ....
    Before applying the gel topcoat just use a nail brush to clean all the dust and debris off or you can ask the client to wash their hands.
    However i cant see why you cant use cleanse it if you wanted to, but maybe an Ezflow Educator would be able to advise you better, as ive never tried it out...hths
    haze x
  5. 1999judy
    Could it be that you are still thinking in "Gel mode"?
    It can be a bit of a confusing time to use acylic after using gel for so long hun....keep at it x
  6. VHunter
    THANKS ladies!

    Ok, my last question is this:

    Do you never clean the 'enhancement' using an alcohol/acetone based product to remove the dust/oils/debris that the brush didn't get AFTER you're done with the finish filing and right before painting art on?

    See... one of the things my clients LOVE is that whatever art/french manicure/whatever that I do... it's still there at their rebalanced: still shiny and new looking.

    I usually do the enhancements, send them off to wash hands, then use Cleanse-it, apply my art, then apply uv gloss after art has had enough time to dry.

    So, for my clients that may change over to L&P, but still want the glossy finish of uv gloss over top, how do I cleanse the nail plate after the enhancement's done before applying a funky-french and gloss?

    Or am I the only nut worrying about miniscule amounts of dust/debris/natural oils being trapped under the gloss?
  7. Tantrum

    i use cleanse after dust brush too, once your done its fine to have them wash and dry as usual.. you dont have to but i prefer knowing all dust is gone so if any lifting happens at least i know its not because of dust..
  8. sian1979
    not sure if this helps you at all, but it might.
    After refining you can apply Ezbond before buffing to a high shine.......it makes the nails look really glossy. i usually use it after using the killer whale but before the snow monkey....if i feel like i need to. Its not something i do with everyone.
    Do you use UV30 topcoat at all...that gives a really glossy finish as well??
  9. looby lou
    I use Mundo nail plate cleanser after brushing away dust, before applying finish it! top coat x :lol:
  10. VHunter
    Thanks ladies,

    So, the acetone in 'cleanse-it' (or similar) won't hurt the L&P if just wiped?

    thanks tonnes

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2009
  11. NoLimitNails
    As far as I know, no it won't as long as you wipe, and don't let the wipe stay n for long.
    I always use scrubfresh before art for the reasons you mention, and I have never had a problem :)
    But I have found that using a UVgloss makes the L&P a little more brittle when it comes to rebalances/infills, as if the oil hasn't penetrated like it does without gloss (making it more difficult to infill or rebalance without a fill line). But I'm not sure if ohers feel the same, and if it was because my clients went to long before rebalances/infills (i stopped using gloss on L&P because of that).
    What I'm trying to get at (making a long story longer) is that perhaps you could use uv30? and then retail a bottle to the client making her apply a layer every third day or so, his will keep the art on aswell (ok if she doesn't use nailnamelremover...) Hope it did make any sense, feels like I'm just going on and on:lol::lol:
  12. VHunter
    I understand what you mean, just haven't gotten to that point yet.
    Today is my first quiet day in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, SO I'll actually be able to 'play' with L&P (my first practical class is this saturday).

    I was just looking at my kit, and etc.... asking myself whatelse I needed for my L&P AND thinking how to minimize the collection on my table by seeing if one product wasn't good enough for both systems.
    THEN I got to thinking: for the clients that won't choose coloured L&P art because of the expense BUT will still want painted funky french's/flowers/fliks/dots....how would I protect it with the same results as with the UV Gel.

    One of the things my clients are fond of bragging to their friends is that their french/art is just as lovely 2-3 wks later as it is the day it's applied, and just as 'glossy'.
    I already know who (more or less) will want to keep a uv gloss finish.

    I'm also "assuming" that buffing L&P isn't nearly as shiney as a uv gloss.

    Hence my concerns with removal of dust etc and being able to apply a gloss.

    I've already got a few ideas who I'll convert (aside from my obvious Art-fanatics who CAN'T WAIT to go whole hog with 3d flowers and fades etc) because I don't feel they're doing as well with their nails as they could. (very thin & delicate natural nails... I'm thinking they'd be better with L&P?)

    On another note: I'm not sure who's more excited about my L&P course.....
    ME? OR my clients that are looking forward to me learning funkier art than I've done to date.

  13. NoLimitNails
    Bet you'll love it:)
    But yes you can use an acetone based cleanser to remove dust and oils! Thats the short answer:lol::lol::lol::lol:
  14. sian1979
    just a few things you can try...... I LOVE the finish that using a snow monkey buffer and miracle shine gives...it is very glossy.
    And if you still have clients that like the paint and nail art then you could always use speed finish which is a UV top coat...it gives a glossy finish also. Ask your educator to give you some demos so you can see the end result..im sure they will do it for you.
    you sound really excited about it....have fun experimenting!!
  15. marioned
    I think the shine from a beautifully buffed L+P nail is better than a UV gloss coat. The snow mokey and Miracle Shine are lovely to work with. I think the finish is also much harder than a gloss coat and much less prone to scratches. xxxx
  16. VHunter
    Thanks everyone!
    Shall keep you posted
  17. mely-bely
    Hi V! Whenever I have a client that wants a gel topcoat I will either use alcohol to clean the acrylic enhancement after washing and dusting or INM Prep Step as it is a nail dehydrator/cleanser. I use INM Clear Glaze as a topcoat as it goes on like polish and doesn't have a sticky inhibition layer to remove afterwards.
    NSI recommends using Cleanse for acrylic and gel enhancements. It removes the tacky layer left behind by gels, but it also removes dust filings, cuticle remover, etc. It also preps a finished acrylic nail for a UV top coat. You could also use Nailpure Plus, which is a cleanser/dehyrator with antimicrobial agents, but it is really a prep product and is more expensive than Cleanse. Cleanse is a great, inexpensive alternative for all your needs. I've even seen techs using to to clean tables, etc. that have gel on them...You know how messy it can be sometimes!
  19. Jeni Giles
    Being the "die hard" L & P girl that I am, bringing L & P to a high lasting shine is possible, and it doesn't require a gel coat (which also works, when I'm feeling lazy)

    Some buffing tricks-
    1. drop grit slowly, don't go from 180 to your white block, too big of a jump that results in scratches being left behind. If you're application is right on- no big lumps, bumps, dips or excessive thickness- you really should be able to refine and buff with 240 grit.

    2. remove the dust from your initial shaping- I like to keep a spray bottle so I can actually rinse the dust off, then dry before moving to my next buffer

    3. Block Buffer or fine grit abrasive- 600 or higher, rinse again

    4. 3 way buffer or glossing block, rinsing between each step

    nice glassy shine, no chipping or peeling or possible discoloration if the art has been done in L & P and capped with clear.

    On the other hand, if I'm lazy- usually on myself- I'll clean all the dust off with Scrub Fresh and use Brisa's UV finishing gloss- I'm a creative girl- if I were an EZ Flow girl, I'd follow their manufacturer's recommendations.

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