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Discussion in 'Business' started by Lady_Stardust, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Lady_Stardust
    Hiya all

    Its time to start thining about christmas incentives and what with the credit crunch going on just now we need to be extra nice(but not too expensive) with gifts and offers for client. Has anyone had any really good incentives/gifts in the past that they would like to share with us all??

    This summer we've done an offer on our srapy tan which has flown off the shelf - normally charge £28 but did a buy 5 for £100. We're also doing an offer of buy 3 of our facial range products and get a free 75ml cleanser and 75ml toner free - perfect holiday size - not too small not to big!

    Anyone else got any ideas??
  2. cabinkel
    I tend to do a treatment of the month every month. I do a poster to put in the salon, that highlghts one of my treatments, but offer something with it. Sometimes its a small discount, sometimes i give them a little bag with a sample in etc. I always get people booking the "special" and they often have them after the offer period. I started doing this as i felt that as well as attracting new clients, i wanted to increase the treatments that my existing clients have. It seems to have worked brilliantly, and i have done it since the new year. For christmas i will do "festive packages" where they can book spray tan, nails, eyelash extensions for a set price. I will also concentrate on retailing gift sets. Hope that helps a little xx
  3. ~Freckles~
    What about creating a few different vouchers....if you have client who only come for spray tans offer them a voucher for a facial, maybe have it at a reduced price as your introducing them to something new or have a little bag of samples to give them when they have the facial....give the vouchers out during the busy time for them to be redeemed in the quieter months of january and february.

    Working on introducing new treatments to existing clients can be great to generate more bookings!!
  4. mdskora
    Hey guys,
    Just reading these posts about christmas retail ideas etc...
    I thought about making some hand made christmas card/vouchers.... with my scrapbooking stuff...just so that they are personal...
    CND usually do a few xmas sents i thought i could make a few boxes up and see them with solar oil etc.
    Business here in aussie is VERY slow. Our salon went from being quiet busy to 2 weeks around tax time there was 3 clietns in a whole week...bad... I just don't want to out lay all this and then not be able to sell them...
    Great Idea about the boxes not having xmas stuff on them..... If I bought red or gold we could use them again for Valentine;s day....

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