CND Shellac being sold apart from Sweet Squared?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Mommabear, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Mommabear
    Hey geeks

    Just on a bit of a moan really.

    My best friend messaged me the other day to say she had seen Shellac being sold in a retail park shop close to us.

    How do they do it?!?! Its even cheaper than what Sweet Squared sell it for :-0
    Got to admit im massively angry when i buy all my CND products directly from Sweet Squared....holy order history is huge! I have paid thousands and im always booking new courses to make sure my skills are up to scratch...constantly trying out new things......And now a high street shop is selling it to every joe blogs?!?!?!?! Feel like i Might aswell pack my salon up and close now haha

    Thanks for reading
    A very frustrated, disheartned, angry, titty lipped fellow geek
  2. Bettyboobumpkin
    Really unlikely to be actual Shellac. Are you sure your friend hasn't seen something similar? You still need to send your certificates in to the website to order- they would never sell to the public
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  3. Nettic
    I know they sell vinylux in my local TJ Hughes and I've seen shellac but it was old bottles and so discontinued bottles I think xxx
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  4. Mommabear

    Yep it was definately....shes a beauty therapist too.

    Seen vinylux in our local tj hughes too :-/
  5. Mommabear
    Ours too :-/
  6. Jojjo_hair_nails
    Is it definitely genuine??

    As I've came across a couple of very good fakes....someone was selling them online for 5 euro a pop on done deal.....i text and asked 3xactky she got them and out straight she told me from China lol.

    I know her might think there hardly goin to sell knock off bottles in a retail shop but yes this is where there a least likely to ever be found out.

    It is very frustrating to think your running a legit salon. And some one down the road who has done a short course can offer the same "treatment" as you.

    Have a closer look at the bottles just to double check
  7. donnamich
    They sell it in the beauty outlet near where i live too. Its real cnd shellac and cheaper than sweet squared xx
  8. blossom
    How would we know if it was fake though? Isn't there a number on the bottom beginning with M if they're genuine or something?

    Ps I buy from s2
  9. Jojjo_hair_nails
    If you Google it there a few diff ways to tell an s on color and the bottom of the bottles are ridged not smooth...i think there 2 differences that I can remember.
  10. rachelizabeth
    I read on Facebook somewhere that there's been a problem recently with outlets managing to buy Shellac from Europe through the grey market. Someone saw genuine bottles in Cheshire Oaks, I believe Sweet Squared has been made aware of this but it's a difficult problem to sort... I wouldn't worry about it. Even if the bottles are real who knows how old they are and what conditions they've been exposed to. People will keep paying you for your skill :)
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  11. Mrs Geek
    I have no idea what TJ Hughes is, but it is NOT US who are selling. There is a huge influx of fakes right now and guess where they are all ending up. You're right how can they sell it so cheap.... there is a reason right? Maybe it's because it is NOT CND Shellac. We are working very hard on this but you can't imagine how / where product is coming in from... we would never sell to these places EVER!
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  12. nj13
    I've literally just messaged sweet squared and cnd about this! The beauty outlet in Clarks village Somerset has stacks of it for sale £14.99 rep £24.99! I was so shocked I picked it up to look at and to me seemed obviously fake! But was a proper fake copy calling its self cnd shellac copied packaging ect! X
  13. Mommabear

    Yep...thats were ive seen them :-s

    Just irritating. Im all for grabbing a bargain were you can but id never do it on something like that :-/

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