Could cellulitis be caused by waxing? Advice please!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by LizAG, May 31, 2012.

  1. LizAG
    I have searched previous threads, but really need some advice. A new client that had her legs waxed on Monday has phoned today to complain that she has been diagnosed with cellulitis and apparently the doctor has said it is due to waxing. The client claims she has been prescribed strong antibiotics for it. The skin appeared perfectly normal before the treatment , warm wax was used, temperature checked and all usual pre and post care was carried out and she was given home care advice. Has anyone had any experience about this? I'm trying to get some advice before meeting the manager.
  2. Tinxy
    Well it's not a straightforward answer really... can people get cellulitis after waxing yes? Does it mean it's caused by the waxing... no... not directly as such.

    The moment the skins integrity has been compromised you open the possibilities of introducing bacteria which can cause cellulitis.

    Assuming that you don't double dip, that you cleaned the skin before and after and that the premises are clean and hygienic then the chances are that whilst yes the waxing would have opened up the skin to infection but it's unlikely the infection came from your wax or premises...

    There are things which can predispose you to cellulitis and things which you should avoid for obvious reasons - people think we're just being spoil sports forexample when we say "no sex for at LEAST 24 hours after an intimate wax"... the hairs have just been ripped out leaving plenty of opportunity for infections... sex usually involves bodily fluids and sweating... not very hygienic... :)

    So the doctor hopefully was a little more specific than "it was caused by waxing"... it was possibly/probably caused by an infection that was able to get in through the open follicles after her wax. If that makes sense... (that is assuming that you don't double dip etc etc etc)
  3. Kim Lawless
    Cellulitis is when bacteria gets through a small break in the skin and it's very rare. When you think about how many men and women cut themselves shaving every day. It's rare because it takes a unique set of circumstances to get it. If their immune system is low or they are diabeticÂ…Â…even then the person has to sensitive to that particular bacteria. So a bit of bad luck is involved too.

    If a client has redness that persists 24hrs after waxing or the redness starts to cover a larger area, they should see a doctor as cellulitis can be treated and reversed with oral anti-biotics but if they wait for several day, then it can turn into an abscess or worse.

    Waxing causes a temporary inflammatory reaction. But this should be subsided within 24 hours or so after a waxing treatment. If redness persists or becomes more intense or starts to cover a larger area, then the client should their GP immediately . Early cellulitis can be treated and reversed with oral antibiotics.

    If you work clean and you made sure that your client was in good health, then it's nothing that you've done. I know it's a worry for you and of course you're concerned for your client and yourself, but find out the facts. How long did she leave it before she went to the doctor? Also, is it a fact that she has cellulitis? I'd want a second opinion as the first diagnosis isn't always right.

    HTH's. Keep your chin up. x:hug:
  4. kezza*
    I had cellulitis, but the doctor couldn't tell me what caused it, I had recently been to Thailand at the time and the doctor said maybe it was from a bite but other than that he couldn't say. I had tablets and steroid cream it soon went down.
  5. LizAG
    Thanks so much for your responses. Really useful information, much appreciated.
  6. LizAG
    An update- the client in question had not declared all contra-indications and did not follow the home care. Luckily everything was recorded correctly on the record card. The client was fine in the end, but it was a reminder of the importance of completing all sections of the record card.
  7. Tinxy
    What contra indications had she not declared? Diabetes?
    And they think we harp on about aftercare for no reason at all... *sigh* Bet you she will never forget again!
  8. Kim Lawless
    I'm really pleased for you and I hope you can enjoy your weekend now. x
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