Cutting toenails on the elderly?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by lorrilee, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. lorrilee
    Help, I got a call today ,an older man wants his toenails cutting, what steps should I do for him?
    Do I soak his feet first as he is older I bet they are thick nails, then what?
    My mind has just gone blank with what to do!
    Do I use clippers or file them,what about filing the top of the nail itself if it is all ridges? Any help would be great.
    Thanks Lorrilee
  2. Kazz
    Hi, I would soak them first to make the cutting easier. the aged skin can be quite fragile so be careful. They may not be that bad, he may want you to cut them because he finds it hard to reach that far. When I worked in the nusing home we used to get the podiatrist in once a month to cut toe nails, not because they were really bad but the old folk just couldn't manage it themselves. Good Luck
  3. gillian w
    When you say old ,how old.If very old i would suggest a chiropodist.Older people can have extremely tough thick toenails and he may have all sorts of health problems that would contraindicate the treatment.Id do a consultation before booking him in.
    Having said that his feet and health maybe fine and he just might not be able to reach.
    You will probably want to make it a bit of a treatment for him so soak,trim,file and then a nice foot massage.I wouldn't buff the top of the nail, hopefully he doesn't need a smooth surface for polish.
  4. lorrilee
    Thanks for answering, I am part way though my course and put a notice up on the local board for manis and pedis ,this old man rang me and asked how much to cut his toenails, he's 73 he said and my first paying customer so panic stations,I never thought that would be my first job ,just cutting somes toenails but hey got to start somewhere.
    Cheers Lorri
  5. becki x
    What Gillian said :D
  6. Bagpuss
    me too...
  7. Brandywine
    Same as everyone else.:) Also are you sure you're insured as when I have been training for things I was led to believe that I needed to finish the course before I could work on the general public.
  8. Angelaznailz
    Because of the infrequent visits of the chiropodist to our community, I've been repeatedly asked to cut pensioners toenails.
    After a consultation, I charge £5 for cutting with a bit of creamy foot massage. After a (very quick) soak, I cut the toenails with clippers - but have been finding it much better to cut tiny sections at a time as the 'C' curve of the nail is usually very pronounced.
    I finish off with a file to smooth any rough edges.
    I try to fit them into quiet days - like a Monday morn etc. and they're generally very grateful........
    Sometimes though, I feel as though I'm doing community service !!!! LOL:rolleyes:
  9. pennijar
    Be very careful, I see some horrid sights nailwise, as I cut old peoples nails for a living, I have been doing this for nearly 2 years now, and some are a challenge even for me even after NHS Podiatry training, most have some kind of infection, very thick nails nails curled into circles, nails digging into the bottom of their toes as they have curled right over. Many are on medication which should preclude treatment other than that of a qualified podiatrist.

    As you are only training be very careful, especially if you are not yet insured.

  10. Jesusken
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