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Discussion in 'Skin' started by BeautyByJulia, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. BeautyByJulia
    Hi There,

    I had a client who when having her lashes tinted at a previous salon said the therapist offered to do her an eyeliner with the tint at the same time...

    I just wondered if anyone has heard of anyone doing it or offers this themselves???

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated


  2. Bev Rose
    Hi, yes I have heard of this.
    When I did my lash tinitng course 5 yrs ago, the trainer said it was something you could do with the tint, but you'd need a thin brush & a steady hand.
    I have never done this myself btw.
  3. weezie
    The only problem with this is that you are not meant to get the tint on the skin...
  4. BeautyByJulia
    well i did think that about tint on the skin and with the eye area being so sensitive too i wasnt sure.

    but on the other hand i think it would actually look quite good!

    how long would it have to be left on the skin for it to take?
  5. elliebee
    I don't do tinting but there have a been a few threads on here about HD Brows and I think they tint the skin as part of the technique? Maybe someone who has done the HD course could advise? I'm sure I read that it is just a temporary effect tho......
  6. tigi
    we were taught how to do it when we trained. The eyeliner, is nice but washes off after a few days anyway. you just draw a nice steady line on the eyelid.

    I dont do it in the salon often. but its a nice effect.

  7. pink7*
    If its the same thing i'm thinking about this used to happen to myself and colleagues when we were training,by mistake!
    We would basically apply the tint as normal but sort of push the tint colour up towards the root of the lashes and it just catches onto the skin

    Like has been said above it fades and washes off after a couple of days but the effect is quite good,although like has been mentioned tint isn't supposed to be on the skin in the first place!
  8. BeautyByJulia
    thanks for you comments everyone, think ill have to give it a little practice on my hand or something and see how neat i can get the line! she was on about having flicks on the sides like you would do with a liquid eyeliner!!! x

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