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Discussion in 'Nail' started by mandy_moo_64, May 8, 2004.

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  1. mandy_moo_64
    I've got a lady coming to have her nails done on Monday, and she has 'fan' shaped nails... they're narrow at the cuticle, and quite broad at the free edge.
    What's the best shape to go for when i sculpt them so they don't look silly? Do you think square would look the most natural?
  2. Karren
    Hi Mandy

    My first practice lady turned up with the Fan shaped nails, forgot to check before asking her !! I thought OMG, i have to say i was expecting perfect nails to work on, fan shaped didnt even occur to me !

    anyway i shortened the nails, rounded them slightly at the sides to fit snugly into the well area of the nail tip i was using and thinned the sides of the nail tip slight to give the illusion of thin nails rather than fan shaped.

    She liked her nails round and they looked fabulously natural, no indication at all of what shape was underneath ?!
    Hope this helps a little, im sure one of the more experienced nail techs out there will also post some advice, which will hopefully let me know if i did the right thing or if there are other "tricks of the trade"

  3. mandy_moo_64
    i'm sculpting them, so i wasn't sure if it was the norm to do square or round?

    anyone else know what would be the best to go with?
  4. Karren
    Sorry hun, didnt read your note properly !!! didnt realise sculpting

    hope someone replies for you, if all else fails, give Designer Nails or your local Creative One Stop Shop a call, im sure they'll help, they've always been really helpful when ive called them


  5. Nailsinlondon1
    The most flattering shape for a fan nail is rounded..................
    square shape will make it look like a paddle................. and unless she has a rowing boat, she wont want those lol..................................
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