Flip In Hair Extensions - what do you think?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by brown_eyes, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. brown_eyes

    I went to a Beauty show today and i saw a stall selling Flip In hair extensions, starting at £85.

    when the ladies were demonstrating them, they looked amazing. Really quick to put in with no glue or clips. I was in awe of them and am very tempted to get me some as my hair seems really thin lately.

    Do you hair geeks know of these, and what do you think of them?
    The only thing i'm worried about is how easily they can come out when you don't want them to...

    Thank you xx
  2. lancashirelass
    I have seen these quite a few times and saw the company when they first started. The wire that goes around your head is like fishing wire, and it does fit the head perfectly. I think you would be safe to wear it and it not slip off. What worries me is the quality of the hair!! I do think they are overpriced for what they are as its wefts sewn together and then a wire like fishing wire sewn to either end. They do have copyright on this item.
  3. lucelasticx
    Yeah i have heard of them but never seen them in the flesh.
    I agree with lancashirelass , hair extensions are only as good as the hair they are made out of. Maybe find out a bit more about the type of hair used and we could advice a bit further!!!
    As you will see on this forum we will always say DONT buy nasty hair as it is just a ripoff and wont last.
  4. paulette
    I must say I do like the idea of these for myself however as others have said I wonder how good the quality of the hair really is.
    I have tried clip ins but find them uncomfortable after a short while, this looks a little more comfortable for a night out.
    If anyone does buy some of this hair it would be good to have the real opinions on them.
    Had a quick look at the website although there are no prices, lengths or anymore details apart from how to put them in. Anyone know if they are competetively priced compared to buying say 3 clip in pieces of human hair extensions?
  5. Sarahh <3
    i saw these too, i liked the idea of them bt didnt think they'd be much good in my hair as my hair is very thick x
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  6. lancashirelass
    Your hair has to be in a certain style to wear the flip in if you have a short hair style or a bob or a one length cut it wont look natural.
  7. Beautyw

    i have bought these myself. the salon i rent a room in sells them and they are flying out of the salon. As for the question about not wanting the hair to come out when you dont want it to - that never happens unless you are shaking your head like crazy - although ive never tried it, but as your covering the fake hair with your own that keeps it in place.

    they're so easy to put in and take out. the prices to sell are £99, £110, and £130. thats for 3 different lengths but unsure of the trade price.

    the only problem is, you can't tie your hair up as the extensions move away from your head and cause a bump. they're made for either curling or leaving down and with short hair you couldn't wear a long length, it would need to be cut up to blend in.

    we had a trainee that bought them and she never looked after them eg. not drying them right, curling then straightening then curling again and not brushung them right and her hair extensions just went like a dolly heads - all wiry and looking like rats tales. but i have been looking after mine and they are still perfect. not a fault wrong with them and the colour match is amazing.

    so its like anything else, if you look after them then they'll last for a long time.
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