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Discussion in 'Nail' started by del80, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. del80
    Jessica Geleration
    Does anyone know the best shade to go for as a base colour. I was going to go with frost for the white and there is one called stark naked. Looks skin colour. But I didn't want to buy it and find out it's no good. The colour chart that they provide you with doesn't always look anything like the colour when you receive it and the lady I spoke to on the phone wasn't really helpful. I asked her if I could use my own UV lamp and she just replied "I don't know". Now, I know the jessica lamp cures the nails in 15 seconds but as I'm only just starting out it seems silly to buy too much material to then find the treatment isn't popular for whatever reason. That's why I bought a normal UV lamp that takes 1 minute to cure. No big deal really.
  2. xxlouiseshanexx
    I really like blush for French manicure x x
  3. Lolly22
    I don't know if they make this in the geleration range but with the polish I used to like fairy dust :) x
  4. Millychip17
    I use blush or beautiful with frost looks lovely and natural
  5. del80
    they only do certain colours in geleration. not blush unfortunately. but they do fairy dust so i will try that one. thanks:smack:
  6. del80
    just realised they do blush and beautiful, after all that. silly me! all are good colours. i hope the gel lasts the two weeks. When i had it done in the salon it lasted really well but when I tried it on myself it only lasted 5 days then started to lift. maybe i applied it too thick. got to keep practicing i guess
  7. Lolly22
    Fairy dust is a pale pink with silver specks of glitter so maybe best getting blush aswell as thats more opaque.

    When I had my geleration done they laster 6 days then started lifting at the side walls. I would suggest that you take a look at fingernail fixer on youtube and make sure you are removing the true cuticle as this is often what people are doing wrong and can cause lifting. My therapist didnt do this, but i also didnt know at the time this is what you were supposed to do, and mines lifted.
  8. hellishbellish
    I generally use Wedding Gown and Beautiful for geleration french. Looks really pretty, clean and classic.
  9. zonebeuauty
    I use frost and beautiful,or keep it clear with 2 coats of finish.
  10. LaurenOman
    Hey everyone.

    I am currently using the geleration colours but am unsure on how long to cure the nails for a french manicure? I am using the actual geleration LED lamp where its either 10, 20 or 30 seconds. I remember in the training there is a slight difference in routine to the normal application but i cannot remember what it is! and would you believe its not in the training manual that was given!!

    If there is someone who could advise i would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks

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