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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Movida, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Movida

    Can anyone offer some advice, I am keen to train in the cold fusion method of hair extensions, I have heard lots of good things about great lengths and know a lot of celebrities use the hair, However the training etc is quite a lot so just wanted to know if anyone who has done the training felt it was worth the money.

    I am currently trained by balmain and use micro fusion and micro ring.

  2. i love hair
    Can i ask why you want to go to a company?

    Other than you can obtain their hair - which isn't that great, you can do this course by someone offering the course privately and you would probably only pay between £300-£500.

    Your info states that you are a professional in hair so by the sounds of it you just require the method.
  3. Movida

    Thanks for you're reply. Yes I am a hairdresser and keen to learn the cold fusion method, I thought of great lengths as they are a well known brand and I know a lot of people are aware of them. Also apart from wonderful hair I don't know where else i am able to train in the cold fusion method. Any idea?

  4. lilk87
    I would be interested also! But with the ultrasonic machine will that work with usual pre tips? Or will the machine only work on a certain bond?
  5. Astarstyle
    The ultrasonic machine that I have (not Great Lengths) works on all flat keratin prebonds but they do take longer to melt than what I have seen of Great Lengths. Currently trying it out with my own prebonds in different thicknesses to achieve better results and faster fitting times. :wink2:
  6. theextensionist
    Is cold fusion popular? Dont know if its worth adding to my services as no one has ever asked for it.

  7. i love hair
    Some clients will say Great Lengths, Racoon, Balmain etc but really they are just a name as everything they teach or supply you can get elsewhere - methods and hair lol.

    As you are a professional you can use this company as they also have distant learning which is cheaper or you could go to them in manchester as it's only a day course and again they are still cheaper

    Hair Extension Training - Dinkies Hair Extension Course, Cold Fusion Bonding

    As i came from a hairdressing background i found it really easy to pick up the methods as rather than them having to teach you how to part hair, make sections, shampoo/conditioner strengths etc.... you honestly only need to understand where and how to install (and they provide you with certificates for insurance too).

    I think you'll be gobsmacked when you see how easy it is. goodluck, any questions please inbox me as i still can't work out why i don't get notifications on forum replies (so i'm going through them all now so sorry for the delay)
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  8. i love hair

    Hi Astarstyle

    Can i ask which sonic machine you use for cold fusion? as i'm seeking one now and was going to purchase the Zoof one (think that's what it's called)
  9. i love hair
    Hi The extensionst

    I don't think it's popular where clients will ask for the service but i do get clients that want nail-tip/glue extensions.

    What i like about the Sonic machine is there's no heat, that's why i am strongly considering using it is because you don't use heat which i believe is better for the hair and i have sensitive fingers lol
  10. Astarstyle

    The machine I have isn't named as I had it with my training and I think they were in the process of having their own logos put on... but I expect the Loof ones are just as good as any.

    This is my one IMAG0690.jpg

    I think the reason why they are not being asked for is because it's still a very new technique and many haven't heard of it. Perhaps you could ask your clients if they would be interested. It's a good one to offer those with thin, blonde hair who are not suitable for micro rings but would prefer the no heat option.

    HTH x
  11. Lovehair9042
    I have trained with Extension Professional, had an amazing course in Mayfair with full kit. I am an experienced extensionists and have trained with several companies using different methods but I actually learnt a lot more on this course. Would defo recommend! X
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  12. JBCM15
    I have been looking at adding hair extensions as a string to my bow and have researched a lot of companies and Extension Professional was one of them. It seems they are quite strict with their courses and one of the dearest too. I suppose you pay for what you get and there testimonials prove that. Do I get a cheaper option??? I would hate to end up being trained and have complaints because the training wasn't the best. Was you happy with the costs? Do you think it was worth the money? Any feedback would be great Lovehair9042.
  13. S.H.E
    Just my 2p on cold fusion.

    Its fantastic but I really do not think its worth investing in expensive training for, the loof machine is fine and the results are good.

    As a hair extension specialist I do not get asked specifically for them but I always talk through the benefits and I feel that its up to me to advise the client on whats best, not just give them what they think is right for them.

    All of my cold fusion fittings have been because I have discussed the option with the client and they have gone for them. As a result, they fall in love with them and will not have anything else.

    The clientele is there, you just have to put it out there yourself, if there are no other techs that offer this method you are also guaranteeing your clients remain loyal.
  14. Misschatterbox
    I trained with Great Lengths and found the training very thorough (but agree bit cheap) but only trained in classic fusion, I wanted to do cold fusion also but it was just too costly after my first course so opted to train with studio 58 and got their cold fusion machine. I find cold fusion perfect for fine hair but would only think it necessary to train with a large brand if you were new to extensions.

    The only thing I would say is that Great Lengths have had massive stock issues for a while now which has lost me a couple of clients! I would love to train with Extension Professional but sadly as it's in London is a bit impossible for me at the minute, slightly different application sections to Great Lengths (slightly larger sections so quicker application) but the hair samples I received were amazing quality and as a company they are very helpful! Hope this helps!! Xx
  15. lancashirelass
    I trained with Great Lengths in April last year and it was good training, very thorough. I learned the cold fusion method and it has proved popular with my clients. The Loof machine and great lengths cold fusion machine are nothing alike. The Loof machine is utter rubbish,
  16. S.H.E

    I am sure that their training is very good, I would expect so for the money.

    I am also sure that the machine is far superior, again, I would expect that for the extremely high price tag it has. However, I feel its a little harsh to call the loof utter rubbish - especially the newer digital models, I hear good things about them.

    Not everyone can afford high end training and not all of us have the clientele for it. For my clients the loof is by far enough and it beats most other standard methods imo by far. I just could never justify the thousands I would have to shell out to train with some of the designer hair extension providers.
  17. HairbyAsya
    I also trained with EP already offering MiniLocks/micro rings, fusion and prebonds having first trained with Racoon. EP are fab, the course isn't easy and you definitely get what you pay for.

    I've had many clients who had GL cold fusion come over to EP and they have all commented on how much nicer the hair is, how much more natural it looks and feels and also that the bonds feel more comfortable.

    I'd recommend you wear the extensions yourself and use that to decide which brand/method your interested in. I was considering GL and had them fitted, I hated them, ended up having them removed after 2 weeks hence not training with them.

    You've also got to weigh up what your clients can afford/pay/local competition, whether your working freelance/salon as I believe this does play a huge part.
  18. tracy1976
    you can buy this system on ebay for £199 i did plugged it in and it sparked and tripped everything out, and started smoking not good
  19. jasmineb20
    I'm training in great lengths and I found the course fascinating! I thought the training was really good aswell and if you work in a salon you should have a rep that will come and see how your getting on with it. I wear them aswell and I think they're amazing, if your interested In doing it then just go for it! Another notch on your belt then :)
  20. tracy1976
    I think they have stopped selling systems and training now because of there hair problems.

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