Hair cut like Frankie from the Saturdays?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by rachy123, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. rachy123
    Hey geeks, has anyone ever done a re style like frankies from the saturdays?? My client has asked for it. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.xxxx
  2. scottydolly
    disconnect the top from the sides and back and ur onto a winner, make sure u leave the fringe EXTRA long untill it is dried and styled so u leave enuff room for dry trimming in the shape o the heavy swept round fringe. x
  3. rachy123
    thanks for your reply scotty, i am unsure what the back is like, is it just like the left side and then the right side and top long.x
  4. scottydolly
    i slightly under cut the under side on the right also to build up a bit of body and i followed the back throo to the left side. its individual percepetion i havent really seen the back all that much so i jus did a thorough consultation and cut it in quite tight at the nape but had it longer from the crown to have a weight line at the occipital.. . obv blended that in haha didnt want a step x
  5. rachy123
    thanks alot for your replies, im looking forward to experimenting doing this.xx
  6. scottydolly
    jus take your time and do a proper thorough consultation, some clients dont realise jus how much hair may need removed haha x
  7. Aiden
    Hi Rachy
    you really should research these cuts thoroughly. Look through magazines and on the web and find pictures from sides and back. I have pictures of many celebs stuck in my staff room on the cupboards and walls. You can never get enough inspiration!
  8. wonderwoman
  9. rachy123
    hey guys, i had a go at doing this cut.. i have uploaded pics to my album, if you wouldnt mind having a look and seeing how i got on.. the colour is differnt to frankies but clients choice...Her hair was origanaly sholder length and bleach blonde.. she also already had a side fringe, so she is growing that ok... feedback would be greatly appreciated. thank you.xxxx
  10. rachy123
  11. scottydolly
    it looks really nice x
  12. rachy123
    thankyou scotty doll, the last picture would not upload of the long side... i wil ltry again.xx
  13. jotommo
    i love the cut you did, but frankies has no parting? and is a huge thick fringe. is that not what she wanted?
    the back is perfect tho, x
  14. rachy123
    no she wanted to grow her fringe out that she already has, just trimmed it..thanks for ur comments , much appriciatedxx
  15. kimi1101
    I do have somewhere...from a long time ago...I'll find it!
  16. kimi1101
    Before and after....from about two years ago!

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  17. nmack06
    :Love:thank u xx

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