Half a head highlights doing slices

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Christina1, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Christina1
    Hi, can I do really thin slices in my foil packets for half a head highlights, will it be a similar effect to weaving
    Has anyone done this if so, what was the result like? Thanks x
  2. babychops
    No it will be a different effect as you will have more hair in the foil x
  3. Penners
    didn't someone post some diagrams on here with ultra fine slices? it was amazing.
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  4. Theden
    Funny how we all do things differently personally 90% of the time I take a slice rather than a weave. The only time I weave is if the regroth is small and im using more than 2 shades x

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  5. Nearlyme
    Im a fine slicer. Get closer to the scalp and more time effective

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  6. si_82
    I always slice except around the hairline. Its neater closer to the root and quicker. And if a customer wants a colour aswell put the foils in after a very good colorist tought me this and it jut blends so much better.
  7. Smuff
    I love Slicing and do it most of the time.

    If your doing horizontal foils then slicing will sometimes give a blocking effect and my look a bit strange.

    When i slice half head, i always place them in vertically ie opposite way to normal foils. And the effects are really pronounced and its also a lot quicker. Although i agree with another comment on here and always weave the foils along the hairline as it sometimes looks blockey. Even when i do weaved half head i always slice on the parting. x
  8. Amberjox
    Interesting!! Im going to try on a training head. If u had any pics/diagrams that would be good :) xx
  9. LAPirate
    I use a combination of weave sizes and slices all the time... It also makes the colour more prescriptive and more difficult for others to recreate... Colour and weave placement can make or break a head of foils ;)
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  10. liana kay
    I do it all the time , but it is a different effect . I usually take them really fine and leave the same amount of natural hair between the packets . Its great to mix and matchweaves with slices . I usually do this doubled up for clients that really like to see their blonde , esp,.if they like it dark underneath .

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