Help! Acrylic nails won't stick!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by distinctive, May 20, 2008.

  1. distinctive

    Can anyone help before I go out of my mind??

    I am using the NSI attraction system an can't decide if it is this that is causing my clients nails to come off. I do my own nails no problem but others I do seem to lift and fall off. I am newly qualified so maybe something I am doing wrong?? Any ideas on what I can try as it is really starting to annoy me.

    I am a bit of a perfectionist so you can imagine how frustrated I am right now.:mad:
  2. lotus blossom
    talk us through your procedure then we maybe can spot something that you are missing

    prep is the major cause of nails lifting
    walk through your prep and application
  3. distinctive
    Thanks for this.

    1. Firstly I am sanitising myself, my client and my tools.
    2. Pushing back the cuticles using orange stick
    3. Removing shine with a white block
    4. Applying nail tips
    5. Dehydrating the natural nail
    6. Priming using attraction non acid primer
    7. Applying acrylic being careful around the cuticle
    8. Shaping nail
    9. Buffing
    10. Applying gel overlay where required
    11. Done
    Any ideas?:idea:
  4. roses
    Between your stage two and three are you removing the true cuticle, the layer of skin on the nails.? if this isnt removed it causes lifting. Do you sanitise the nails as well as the hands with NSI's Sanitise and Nail pure?
  5. lotus blossom
    i agree you are not removing the cuticle off the nail plate, well non living tissue !!

    maybe you buff the shine off your own nails a lot more or are for ever redoing your nails, and this is why you dont suffer the same as your clients???
  6. distinctive
    I think I need to spend more time around the cuticles. I will try this. Thanks guys.:)
  7. Bagpuss
    sack the orange stick wont remove the non living tissue from the nail plate. You need a metal pushee (or similar) and maybe cuticle remover if thats what your system recommends.
  8. Bev Rose
    Deffo sack the orage stick as Angie says and check this tutorial out as it's about perfect prep.
    Your problems are most likely to do with not removing the true cuticle - not eponychium, follow The Geek's instructions and you won't go far wrong.

    hth xxx

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