Help and advice on grey hair coverage using Majirel

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Shannon Hill, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Shannon Hill
    Hi There!

    I’m wondering if someone could help me, I have a lovely new lady whose regrowth is 80% grey. I used Majirel 5.0 and 4.3 with 3% and it did not take well, went very golden withnnot much depth. I see a lot of people using 6% for grey coverage?

    Just wanting some help and advice on how to cover!

    Thanks a bunch for your help!
  2. EssexFreelance
    There isn’t a 3% in L’Oréal as far as I’m aware? Their recommended peroxide for white hair is 6%
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  3. Jade Patience
    I trained with Loreal and was always told 20 volume for grey coverage. The 10 probably gave it a translucent coverage hence why so golden.
  4. Christine198530
    Yip, I’m the same, 20vol with Majirel to cover grey, 10vol is for the Inoa family. Hope this helps
    You need to use either 'Supreme', or .3 Fundimental + 20 vol for white coverage.
    Thin sections and put plenty on! ;)

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