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Discussion in 'Hair' started by ashleymiller, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. ashleymiller
    I am a "beauty school drop out" but my friend is a lisenced cosmetologist who uses the JOICO color line. I have the blonde on top and dark on bottom color style on my hair. Originally someone other than her applied bleach all over the top and colored the bottom and I hated the Brassy look so my friend Brett the cosmetologist said ok let me apply a level 8 toner to your hair and when she did that brassy went away and I loved it. It was so beautiful. Then a month or so later she touched up my hair by foiling in bleach and a level 9 and that sort of made it a little brassy but i wore it. When my roots started to show recently I called her to touch them up and so she just did an all over on the scalp bleach which turned my hair a very pretty almost platinum blonde except for the yellow roots...I complained about the yellow roots. She said dont worry the toner would tone down all the different shades. She advised me that the level 9 toner is a lighter blonde than the 8 and she used that but she didnt use the developer with it. When i washed it out and blow dryed my hair she said omg it is green...which i didnt notice i just didnt like that my roots were still yellow/brassy!!!! She said I cant let you wear that ash/green tint out of here and she then applied the level 8 with a 20vol developer. This made it more ashy and almost grey...well a little grey. I still have those damn brassy roots though. She said she thought the ash might fade but to come back in a week and she is going to foil my hair (bleach it again!!!) to lighten it up as it is not as blonde as I wanted and its ashy. She is doing this to lift those roots from being brassy and maybe to cover up the ash tones of the rest of my hair.....Can someone please advise what she should do so I can print this and bring it. I have a feeling she is just experimenting and wont tell me. I dont want to ruin my hair. My hair is pretty healthy and i used the JOICO K-PAK conditioner and so my hair can handle the processing. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nora525
    WOW!!!! What can I about going to a hairdresser and ask for a color wash and start from the scratch again? You have got so much bleach and tint in your hair that if I was you, I would talk to someone who can see it first hand, knows the color wheel and then can apply a correct color. However, to me this sounds like a color correction job.:eek:
  3. minky
    Hi there , if all of the rest of your hair has gone a bit ashy it sounds like there was some grab on over porous /over bleached areas of the hair ,

    I would just get her to lighten the roots only to a creamy blonde
    and then tone the roots only with a Wella colour fresh toner 0/6 this is a silver toner which will counteract creamy pale yellow tones and give it a platinum look on the root area ,
    this should even out the hair colour ,

    The ash toner should soon wash out, because when the bleach from your roots is shampooed off it will act like a mild bleach shampoo on the rest of the hair,

    I would not recommend any more bleach on the rest of your hair unless it is in good condition,
    as I cannot see it I would only be guessing .

    However if it is in good condition she may be able to take a mild bleach through the ends of the hair for the last ten mins but only when the roots have nearly lifted to that all important creamy colour ,
    If the roots do not lift up to that creamy colour you will still be stuck with those brassy roots.

    Also if you are having darker colours put in underneath,
    they can run into the blonde whilst being shampooed off which can give blonde hair a dirty dull look .
    Ask for the dark color to be washed off first very carefully and separately till the water runs clear.
    Also it is never advisable to take ash through the ends of porous or very highlighted hair
    as it may grab and go Grey :hug:
  4. e_lucy
    Hi There

    Before I start ill say .. im not a hairdresser BUT I have been bleaching my hair for about 5 years and I have noticed that everytime I have it done the result can be totally different - and sometimes mine does come out ashy. If that happens I ask my hairdresser to apply a toner, usually a loreal luo colour, im not sure of the tone but its almost like clear diamonds when it comes out - it takes all the ash out of your hair and leaves you with the classic "bleach bombshell" colour. I have been known to apply a toner about every 3 weeks and ive never had any problems with damage .. just make sure you know exactly what colour you are using and be REALLY careful with time - one minute can make a huge difference
    Ive also noticed that water in different areas (especially abroad), changing shampoos, and even hormones can make my hair go ashy sometimes.
    I will admit - and im sure the prof's on here will all scream but occassionaly i have a "bleach wash" on my hair where my hairdresser mixes bleach powder with shampoo washes it in and leaves it for about 10 minutes and it gives an amazing bright effect ... however I am lucky and i have mega thick strong hair and have never had any dryness or breakage ... you may not be so lucky (like my sister ... her hair was wrecked)

    Hope this helps .. ish .. if not ive shown the world how badly i treat my hair to get the perfect bleached mop ! x
  5. minky

    Hi e_ lucy, did you ever find out that name of that lovely luo colour toner ? :) x minky
  6. liana kay
    please dont have neat bleach on your ends , a bleach bath or coour remover sounds best , then she can hi-lite /lowlight or reassess after

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