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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Claire1982, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Claire1982
    I had my eyebrows micro bladed yesterday and I absolutely hate them. They're far to thick and not what I wanted at all. The girl that did them was super nice and at first I kinda liked them so didn't say anything but since I got home yesterday the more I look at them the more I hate them!! I'm supposed to be going out tonight and really don't want to as feel so self concious of my brows now!
    Can someone please give me an idea of how I can make the top part of the brow fade?
    Is it ok to use make up tonight just to cover the top part of the brow?

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  2. Hairyclairey
    Aww I hope someone can give you some advice I don't do microblading just hd brows and I can see they are quite big, They are suppose to shrink and fade so maybe contact the person who did them for advice?
  3. lulubella
    I can help you
  4. Claire1982
    You can? Any help would be very much appreciated
  5. x167346
    I do microblading but I'm afraid I don't know how to remove them, the only thing I do want to mention is definitely don't put any kind of makeup on them, your microblading is essentially a wound at the minute and putting makeup on them can cause infection, so please follow your aftercare. At this stage they are still quite dark and may be a little swollen which is completely normal, they will die down and shrink in time.
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  6. Claire1982
    Thanks for getting back to me. If only I read this last night. I'm in a huge panic now as i put a bit of concealer over the top area to thin them out a little before I went out last night. I know I shouldn't have but was feeling really self conscious of the thickness of them will this mean that they will more than likely get infected now?
  7. x167346
    Hopefully you'll be OK, but it can lead to infection and if it does just go straight to the doctors, dont let it linger, just keep them as clean as possible now and continue with your aftercare x
  8. Claire1982
    OK thanks very much for the help. I have kept well away from them since yesterday she just topped them up with bepanthen every so often. I've noticed the top area has faded a little where I put the make up. Would this be because I let that area get moist. I don't mind too much as they don't look as thick now
  9. Nettic
    They will start too lighten and fade so don't worry however don't apply bepanthen I was taught that this can interfere with the colour. Try and let them dry heal if possible so apply nothing at all too them if they become too itchy you can apply a light layer of extra virgin pure grape seed oil too nourish and help the healing process xxx
  10. CFBS
    I don't do micro blading but was talking about it with a client.
    Our question was that if people had micro blading repeatedly over years would you eventually get scar tissue ?

    Interested to know the answer from those who have done the training and worked on a client regularly
  11. x167346
    Personally I use bepanthen as aftercare for all my clients and I've had great results so far.

    Also as for scar tissue, I am only new to the treatment so haven't seen clients who have had it done regularly. My understanding is that all treatments like this cause scar tissue as you are cutting the skin but when done correctly and at the correct level of the skin it is not visible to the human eye.
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  12. Claire1982
    OK thank you for responding. They are at the flaky stage now so I'm hoping and praying they are free from infection. As a microblading professional - do you know if she will be able to make them appear thinner and longer at my next appointment in four weeks? I'm dreading going back for the next appointment If they end up that thick again
  13. x167346
    She'll definitely be able to make them longer, not sure about thinner though it will just depend on how they heal, be sure to tell her you don't want them as full at the top up so at least she's aware and can make adjustments then.
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  14. Claire1982
    Excellent I'll make sure I mention it to her. Thank you so much for your help

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