How can I lighten up my highlights?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Missy G, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Missy G
    Hi,Im not a hair Geek , but Im terribly fussy with my hair .

    I am naturally dark brown ,and normaly have my hair bleached using

    foils , last time I visited the hairdressers I had some brown streaks put in

    as well , Im really due to get my roots done , but as I had the brown put

    it last time it doesnt look too bad,..I also cant be doing with sitting in the hairdressers

    at the moment whilst its half term for hours,but my problem is the blondes

    looking..well not blonde anymore ,sort of an ashey colour,is there

    anyway ,apart from going back to the hairdressers I can lighten it , could I

    chance a toner from Boots ,please can someone advise me?
  2. mikey-moo
    :eek: Yikes! lol

    There are several colour-enhancing shampoos out there that are available to buy from either a salon or a wholesalers such as Sally, a golden tone would take off some of that ash, but as for a toner I would get advice from your own stylist. Without actually seeing your hair I couldn't really recommend which colour would be best!
    hth x
  3. spakitten
    I have a similar question and thought I'd ask it here.

    Is there a way to lighten up highlights that have gone yellow? Purple shampoo doesn't help. Toning or bleaching>?
  4. Jeni Giles
    Bleaching will get them lighter, but it is nearly impossible to pick up each strand. Toning will deepen the highlights, but will more permanently take care of the unwanted yellow. Toning on porous hair typically doesn't last long and will need to be supported by a color enhancing shampoo (purple or blue violet) Toning usually lasts about 5-7 shampoos before you start seeing warmth again.

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