how does damage to the nail bed effect growth?

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  1. vickimatt109
    how does damage to the nail bed effect growth?
  2. PolishedAussie
    Before I answer this question, as it is not really straight forward from your question? Damage can be permanent or may grow out depending on different factors! Certain medications can cause damage, as can aesthetics as well as other drugs, trauma, disorders, illness and filing (I am sure there are more) can all cause differences in nail growth but I believe that if it is permanent or not determins whether the matrix of the nails has been damaged (place where nail cell divide and grow to form nail plate and bed).
    If you can be more specific then more help may be available.
  3. vickimatt109
    hey, the question im stuck on is- Describe how damage of the nail bed affects growth.
  4. Nailsinlondon1
    Start at the beginning to research your answer:
    How does a nail grow? How is it formed?
    Then look at what can damage a nail bed?
    Manual damage or health related issues. How do those interfere with growth?
    How does it affect the nail plate?
    Giving you the answer outright will not help you in your studies. But we can show you how to get to the answer.
    These are fab books and will help you no end with your studies.

    Doug Schoon: Anatomy and Product Chemistry 2nd edition
    Marian Newman: The compete Nail Technician 2nd edition

    I typed into Google "Nailplate damage" and it gave me lots of links:
    Here is just one:

    A-Z of Skin: Nail Disorders

  5. nailzoo
    is this for an assignment?
    Does the teacher not explain where to find information?
    Don't get me wrong, but I don't think other techs should be doing your homework .... if this is the situation.
    Some clarification would be nice ... and polite too .
  6. vickimatt109
    thank u for the help i completed my work and done it all right so im happy..

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