How would I infill on Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Moonbeam, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Moonbeam
    Hi, I have had a great French shellac applied on my nails - I don't have time to take it all off and start again this week but wanted to infill the gap.. Any tips?

    I have all the right equipment (lamp/ shellac etc) - I just have never applied an infill...

    Appreciate any helpful tips..
    Thanks :lol:
  2. xxJackiexx
    You don't infill with shellac , you would have to take off the old and reapply ...but removal only takes 10minutes so it's hardly a long chore x
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  3. curvygirl
    she's bang on...
  4. syncage

    If you are in a real rush that you literally don't have any time you could always paint over the whole lot with a darker regular nail polish. Obviously this won't last as long as but will buy you a few more days till you have time to reapply your shellac.
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  5. Moonbeam
    That sounds a good idea - i'll do that and the reapply at the week.. Thanks again x
  6. spjelgus
    Why don't you try to buff over the surface a bit and apply fountation coat to the infill area then top coat over the whole thing?

    Since you are only doing it on yourself i dont see the problem with that:)
  7. Zooks
    Not meaning to dishearten you but if you already have all the kit how come you dont know how Shellac is applied?
  8. geeg
    The problems will be that
    1. We do not ever buff over the nail surface when using Shellac
    2. Prepping the nail would result in the Shellac being exposed to Acetone.
    3. The result will not look nice
    4. It will not last
    5. When you come to remove it will take much longer.

    When you take the time to think things through ... You will find more problems than you realise. Shellac is not meant to be infilled. We use a base coat not a foundation layer, as Shellac is not a gel. Use it as directed is my advice. Only you will be conscious of a gap, no one else will notice it.
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  9. Klassy Klaws
    Just a thought by the time you apply a nail colour and wait for it to dry completely so you don't smudge them you could of done a full shellac removal and reapplication.
    I'm my opinion a much better option :)
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  10. GracefulH&B
    I'm quite glad this has been bought up. I do shellac and I really try to keep up to date with new developments. I live in Northern Ireland and my parents live in Manchester. I'm going over at the weekend to see my parents and my mum said to me 'great, bring your kit and you can infill my shellac' I said to her that you don't infill shellac, it's just as easy (and a better result as far as I'm concerned) to remove and reapply it. My mum, however, is adamant that the salon she goes to infills shellac. I was thinking that I'd missed out on a new development in the shellac world. At least I can go now and tell my mum that you definately can't.:lol:

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