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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Fifi La Fume, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Fifi La Fume
    I've been looking into doing false eyelash extensions and Hollywood lashes have told me that most insurance companies will accept my NVQ 2 as enough without doing another training session - anyone who's done their NVQ will have covered false eyelash application.

    Anyway I would like feedback on this. Are lash extensions easy enough to do after watching a training DVD?

    Also, after paying to do my gel nail course i looked at my previous certs I would have been covered for artificial nail applications already with the NVQ...would insurance companies have accepted this??
  2. cabinkel
    I am insured with The Guild and their policy on insurance for the eyelash extensions is that you have to have a certificate of competance for the eyelash extensions, as well as a qualification in eye treatments, ie tinting etc. I am training with I-Lash on Wednesday and they certify you after the training day PLUS 4 case studies which you have to email to them. Be careful of the DVD training as I was advised that you normally end up having to retrain as you have no confidence to carry out the extensions. Hope this helps!
  3. BlackRose
    Hi Fifi, I'm not sure of the Insurance part but, I can say that applying eyelashes are pretty much straight forward. I've had them done once and I now do them myself.

    I might be interested in doing a course myself, if poss let me know who you decide to train with & the cost etc

    Thanx and good luck
  4. jenny mosley
    Ive just completed my train course with Nouveau Contour Lashes..they are fantastic..was trained by the Karen Betts known Semi-Permanent make-Artist to celebs.(LOOK OUT FOR) 10yrs younger Karen is applying lashes & Semi Perm make-up.

    They look very natural when have to fiddle around with them at first..but i'm getting into it now.

    Good Luck

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