Jayne Torvill and Botox??

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Annemarie, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Annemarie
    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed how fab Jayne Torvill is looking on Dancing on Ice this year? She looks years younger than she did last year and doesn't seem to have that tired look to her face. I don't think she has had a face lift cause she hasn't got that stretched look. I'm thinking Botox and Fillers what do you think? Whatever she's had done she looks amazing.
  2. smooth
    She was like that in the previous shows but it wasn't done that well as her forehead was smooth and her eyes looked terrible! I've noticed she has continued with her non surgical injections but to be honest I've not really had a close look at her this year, will have a look tonight.

    Whoever injected her in the past though wasn't very good, you need to match up the whole face not just treat the area you're injecting!!
  3. Kim Lawless
    Botox for sure, but I'm wondering if she may have had a lower facelift. She looks fab this series and very scary last series.
  4. Susie H
    She's also lost a few pound, first time she got on the ice I thought it was a younger couple out there.
    Looking good:lol:

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