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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stampy, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. stampy
    A couple of clients have said to me recently I should convert a camper van or motorhome for my mobile beauty business! Then I could just park up and they could hop in for their treatments.

    I can't decide if it's a good idea or not. I'm not a camping kind of person but it could be quirky I suppose if it was done in the right way.

    Has anyone done it? Or do you know of anyone who has? Maybe there's something in it. x
  2. beautyseeker
    I know of a mobile barber bus in my area, my hubs goes to him to get a haircut. His wife is a beauty therapst and he was talking of her getting a mobile therapy bus at one time but I dont think anything came of it.

    Trish :hug:
  3. sodabubble
    go for it hun! thats excatly what I'm doing - but I'm a veedub nut so it suits me very well! Just make sure you get the right insurance and stuff, best of luck sweetie xx
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  4. pazzy
  5. bombini
    My honest opinion is that it is a bit cheap and tacky, I could probably be persuaded if a 50 grand winnebago pulled up outside my house but otherwise no.

    The whole idea makes me cringe, to me it would be like the walk of shame all the neighbours having a good old nose as you climb into it, argggggghhhhhh

    Im sure there are clients that would have it but what about elderly clients how would they get in ?
  6. sodabubble
    I intend to use mine for mainly advertising myself and to carry equipment, but depending on the vehicle could be very practical for old or infirm people, as most buses are pretty low anyway, however I can only speak for VW's as I know nothing about water-cooled cars or vans!

    Mind you, there was one doing spray tans and I think that was a silly idea!
  7. blossom
    If you are doing nails in there, I would have thought it could get pretty hot in there, so bear in mind your l&p will set quickly and your gels will be runny.

    Not sure about the beauty bus thing, I'm not sure it would be my choice if I were a client. The point about elderly people getting into it is a good one too. I suppose if it was done really well it might appeal. :hug:
  8. Angelaznailz
    Wouldn't have thought that there would be enough room to move round round a plinth or couch for massage or leg waxing treatments.
    But I can see the benefits for servicing outlying communities or perhaps parking it in a works carpark !
  9. tinkywinky
    When I started my business 7 years ago I had a little joke with friends at work that I would start VVV - Vicky's Vanity Van and have a van and do my beauty in it or have lots of stock in the back.

    In reality I think it would be expensive, you may even need special insurance, road tax petrol etc. You would have to add on for these expenses.

    There is a beauty bus, but personally it's not something I'd go for.

    I mean what if there were people outside looking in, it could look kind of strange - I know you could pull the curtains on but it may make you/the client feel awkward?
  10. Joannesnails
    I think its a really good idea...But me personally wouldnt do it as i think it draws allot of attension and will deffinatly cost allot of money.

    But im sure if there was one in my area id hop on and have a treatment :lol:

  11. stampy
    Thanks for all your replies! That beauty bus is something else, smarter than many a salon. Think I'll stick to the old mobile work for now. I'd have to spend a fortune to get it to how I'd want it although I think if done right it could take off! x
  12. ValencianNails
    Surely that's the whole idea?
    Drawing attention to a mobile business is what the owner would want.

    I think it's a great idea if it were to be marketed properly and be kitted out beautifully inside, the only thing that would concern me would be the space available (or rather, the lack of it).
  13. PurityMassage
    :D This idea is great
  14. Delish
    I know a therapist who does this!
    Its amazing and she is totally booked up x
    You go in the van for your treatments
    But you don't feel like your in the back of a van lol x
  15. LouPink
    Any pictures?

    I absolutely love this idea, thought about it loads myself but sadly too much money for me.

  16. Delish
    Ill try and get some, as i don't use herself ive just seen it in action lol x
    Plus I cant upload pics , does any one know why xx
  17. PurityMassage
    Hi Delish,

    Can you tell us what the van is called?

    Thank you :Grope:
  18. Delish
    Hi , do you mean the make ? X couldn't tell you off top of my head , but i will keep an eye for her and have a sneaky peak x and try get some pics xx lol x

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