Moroccan Tan Nights advice please!

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Beautiful-you, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Beautiful-you
    i have been saving my sample bottle of Moroccan Tan Nights 15% for myself for my holiday but stupidly didn't get around to doing a trial Tan before hand - and I'm going tomorrow! So my question is to anyone who uses this one, if I leave it on for the maximum 4 hours, how dark is it likely to go?! I usually use Crazy Angel 13% (midnight mistress) but this just gives me a very natural tan. I have also used MT 14% Coco and left it on for 3 hours and that was fine, but probably no darker than the Crazy Angel, so if I want it a bit darker than that, but not ridiculously dark, how long should I leave it on? Thanks in advance x
  2. AshLovesTanning
    I left it on for 4 hours and honestly it was a natural tan. I left 11% on for 8 hours and was ultra dark.
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  3. Beautiful-you
    I didn't risk it in the end and used my normal Crazy Angel but I will try it when my natural holiday tan wears off!
  4. AshLovesTanning
    Seriously tho how do you feel about the fade of and colour of crazy angel?
  5. Beautiful-you
    All our clients seem to love it and say it looks so natural and have never mentioned a problem with fade off. On me, the 13% fades so gradually I barely notice it - maybe slightly around the feet and paler undersides of arms? But on my daughter, who is naturally very fair skinned and only uses 9%, it is very noticeable, particularly around her neck, chest and underarms. So I do think it depends on your natural base colour to start with to a degree.
    She has tried Moroccan Tan once or twice and thought it might have had a slightly better fade off on her.
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  6. AshLovesTanning
    It definitely depends on your natural skin tone, as if you were pale putting a dark solution on your skin it's going to fade of noticeable as its way to dark. But some solutions come off worse.
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