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Discussion in 'Nail' started by EllaVader, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. EllaVader
    Greetings gals and pals,

    I am looking for a gel sealer to use as an overlay to help keep the polish from chipping after two days. I've seen it before but I have no idea what it is called. I'd love to be able to polish my own nails and use this overlay to keep them looking great all the time and not have to worry about polish remover and acetone when I'm doing nails. I would also like to wow my clients. Does anyone know of a product such as this? I just need a clear gel that can be cured under a UV light to keep the polish from chipping. Any help is appreciated.


  2. yeahyeah
    I think you're talking about a heat or UV cured top coat like INM Soliel or Diamond Dry, (of course there's lots of choices as far as brands go). they'll seal in all your enamel and acrylic nail art, they're super shiney and cure to a pretty much inpenetrable finish so you don't have to worry as much when working with acetone or anything else that might strip away your paint. :)
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  3. tracey louise
    nsi do one called thermoshield which is used for the exact reason you explained.
    i also know that you can get something like this from sallys.i think the name has quattro in it.which may be easier for you to get hold of.x
  4. moosey
    quattro is by star nails and is uv gel top coat nsi glaze and go is the same thing i use nsi one i changes from quattro as i found it was a bit to thick for my liking hths xx
  5. tracey louise
    i was not thinking of something the same as glaze n go as this is not a product that is suitable for what she wants it for.
    i thought someone on here had mentioned that star nails do something similar to nsi thermoshield but maybe i was wrong.i do appologise as i dont use star nails products.
    but if you want a gel topcoat that is suitable to go over nail polish then thermoshield is ideal.hths.xx
  6. Pink_Princess
    i use star nails gf21 quattro. Some people dont like star nails products but i use them all the time and have never had a problem. quattro gives a great shine and you just need to cure for 2mins under uv lamp. they brought out a new range of quattro in colours as well but i have not tried that yet. Hope that helps! xx:)
  7. Gilly T
    Was thinking the same thing Tracey. Glaze n Go is gel topcoat for over enhancements and not over polish, thermoshield does this job but only over polished enhancements, not on natural nails.

    Think the Quattro is used for over polished natural nails.... :)
  8. NoticeableNails
    Quattro is a UV gel top coat that can be used over polish on enhanced nails. It must be cured with a UV lamp and the polish must be dry prior to application.
    I have been using it since the relaunch at G-Mex and I have been very happy.

    Ive been told you could use in on a natural nail, but as its a buff off gel top coat; removal would need to be done by a pro.

  9. Pink Pink Pink
    Are there any which are soak off??
  10. fairynice
    EzFlow do 'Speed Finish' which is a uv cure, gel topcoat...for use over polish.hth:)

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