nails that don't grow!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sprinkles, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. sprinkles
    hey geeks,

    I was speaking to one of the 'school mums' on our 'year 1 mums xmas do' (any excuse for a drink, eh? :lol: ), and she told me her fingernails don't grow! :suprised:

    they're quite short but do have a free edge, she said she never cuts or files them, so I asked, Do they grow when they break? and she said she can't remember ever breaking a nail!!! she said they're quite soft so they just bend.

    I thought she was winding me up at first but she said she truly wasn't, I just wondered, has anyone heard of this before?
  2. Lady H
    That sounds really wierd. Does her hair grow??? lol
  3. sprinkles
    yes, her hair grows and so do her toenails, it's just her fingernails that don't and she doesn't know why...
  4. Lady H
    Maybe she should volunteer for medical testing lol! Seriously though, thats really wierd!
  5. sprinkles
    I know! I told her I'd ask on here and see if anyones heard of it before, but it's not looking good is it,

    I wonder if you can put any enhancements on them? if they don't grow they would never need a rebalance! :suprised:
  6. Lady H
    I would put some on just to see if she is lying cos you would be able to see the enhancements growing out, but thats just me, suspicious! lol
  7. sprinkles
    I hear what your saying! but she's not the type for enhancements anyway, might see if she'd like a manicure tho just so I can keep my eye on her, keep my ruler handy to check for any growth! :lol:
  8. Lady H
    yeah file them a bit and then see wether they grow again next time you see her lol. Im sure they must have grown a bit, surely you would start shedding eventually????
  9. Susie H
    I've got a lady who shut her thumb in the car door a few years ago and says that thumb doesn't grow and yes it was a lot shorter than her other nails, any way I was talking to anne swain down in M.K and she said it probebly does grow but slowly and the free edge crumbles the mo its not supported. sure enough 9 nails need re balance every 2/3 weeks that thumb every 5. soft nails crumble!
  10. Lady H
    well i thought it must be a bit odd never to grow even a tiny bit!
  11. sprinkles
    surely wearing nail polish would eventually reveal any growth?..

    tho don't think I've ever seen her wearing any actually, I'll ask her tomorrow and see what she says.

    thanxs for the help !! :hug:
  12. Cameo Val
    I went to do this ladies nails a few years ago and she had really short bitten nails. I said oh I see you bite your nails, but she very indignantly told me that she had never bitten her nails in her life and got quite upset about it. Well come on girls, you can tell a set of bitten nails cant you, but I just let it go and got on with putting the nails on. She was getting married the next day at 2 o'clock and she was dead excited, so we had plenty to talk about, and the nail biting comment was soon forgoten. It was 8 o'clock at night when I left her and wished her all the best for her wedding the next day, and off I went.

    Next morning at 7.30 the phone rings and I drag myself awake to answer it and guess who is on the phone, yes its her. She's in total panic mode, she woke up to find that several of her new nails had chews and teeth marks in them. Apparently she must be a 'sleep-nail-biter'. I have never heard of it before or since, but this accounts for how I knew that she was a biter by the state of the nails, and she knew that she wasnt, as she never knew that she was biting them in her sleep until now. So I had to hotfoot it over back over there, do a soak off of the bitten nails, then reapply new ones ready for the wedding that afternoon.

    Dont recon that she would have had them on for the honey moon though. Once she went to bed that night she would be at them again.
  13. Lady H
    OMG thats canny spooky isnt it! Maybe your lady does this too sprinkles?
  14. sprinkles
    hmm. very interesting, I must admit that my first impression was that she may be a nail biter as the area around her nails looked slightly 'swollen', but she said she's never bitten them.

    I'm convinced now that they are def growing, but their either being bitten unknowingly or the free edge is breaking down without her ever realising this is happening, very strange!

    I didn't log on over the weekend as I was xmas shopping and delivering pressies and I know that once I'm on here I can't tear myself away!! so didn't see your replies till today,

    thanks for all your help :hug:, I feel better knowing there is an explanation!

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