Need a please be quiet sign/treatment in progress sign

Discussion in 'Business' started by Keeley20, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Keeley20
    Hi i need ideas for a notice to put up while im busy with clients and sometimes have to lock the door.
    How do i word this? My salon is in a shared buildin so i need something to let people know to be quiet. any ideas would be great x
  2. unas escarlata
    Why not say exactly that - Please be quiet, relaxing treatment in progress?
  3. beautyJen
    Oh my god,I have a sign on my door if I'm in doing a facial or something, yet I still get clients banging on the door!! So rude.
  4. airendaie
    I've worked in 2 different salons that did these signs. The first one made signs to hang on the door handles. It was like mini black-boards and they attached rafia for the handle. Then wrote 'shhhhh...I'm relaxing!' on it with chalk.

    Then I was in another salon who wanted this type of thing. I told them about the shhh signs because they really looked lovely. They though it was rude to put 'shush' so printed off ones with 'Quiet Please! Please respect that people are having treatments!' which I thought seemed much ruder >< It was also just a laminated sign stuck on doors/windows and I really don't think the people passing by took any notice (they still made a lot of noise)

    Try and think up a pretty way of doing your sign in my experience passers by will pay more attention :D I really liked the black board idea and its easy to do with the special black paint.

    Air x
  5. TheBeautiqueEm
    I work within a hairdressing salon, i simply have a sign on my door saying 'Quiet Please... Pampering in Progress' Friendly but firm!
  6. bbk
    To the op i work in a leisure club and had the same with ppl knocking etc i made my own sign which has worked, would be happy to send u it for an idea if u want to pm your email address x
  7. Eski
    I work within a gym and have a Vacant/Available sign for the door. It's a bit 'officey', but it does the trick. Got it on EBay for £11.

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