Discussion in 'Hair' started by Njh, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Njh
    Hey geeks doing a friends hair tomorow, who is current,y very light blonde but wants bright pink dlashes. What would everyone recomend dont want to use crazy colour as they fade too quick
  2. Tomme
    Schwarzkopf strawberry (look on their website), or your version of 6.66 with 0.00 added to get it to pink (will take trials). Crazy colour would be best, keep re applying weekly (work in repeat appointments into price) after 3/4 applications it should stick well depending in porosity. Xoxo
  3. mm29
    Crazy colour would bleed depending where flashes were! I personally think pastel looks better against bright blonde! Keep crazy col for darker hair when client can freshen it up at home easily!

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