Renting a chair! How much should I charge

Discussion in 'Hair' started by codam, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. codam
    Hello all Hair Geeks

    I'm in the process of setting up a new Beauty Business and a hairdresser wants to rent a chair from me, (and she is very good with a long list of clients) all the legal stuff solicitors, changes etc have been agreed, just how much, should i charge a flat rent or a percentage, not renting before I have no idea, obviously I want to give her a good deal but be able to pay some bills at the same time???

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great.


  2. six
    Ive no idea about prices in your area, everywhere varies, where i am its £100 to £150 roughly. Ive heard of cheaper, ive heard of more expensive. Its one of those how longs a piece of string questions :rolleyes:
  3. codam
    Hi thanks for replying

    So it really depends on the area, salon and individual ??? 100 to 150 was that a week?? sorry i really have no idea.

  4. six
    Charmaine dont you think it would be a better idea to ask in some of the local salons in your area how much they charge? Im at the top of Scotland & you are at the bottom of England, prices just cant be compared.
  5. codam
    I understand that, I just wanted a general idea from hairdressers, you didnt have to reply to my post. But thank you anyway.:)

  6. izzidoll
    This really isn't a question anyone can answer with a definite answer though. It is the same when students ask me what prices to charge. It is all down to the going rate in your area, you need to ask about and find out what that is.

    I could rent a nail station in a local salon where I am for about £100-£150 per week....but city centre rates would probably start at £200-£250 per week.
    Hairdressers could be totally different.
    Maybe there will be a geek who works in your area that will be able to help you out.

    Good Luck.
  7. JDs
    I rent for 135 USD a week. I am in a large salon that is on a very busy street corner and has excellent parking.

    If I was in a smaller area off the beaten path with tight parking or street parking only i would charge less.

    Here is a heads up..charge by the week instead of the month.
    You get 4 extra weeks out of the year as some months have 5 saturdays.

    What is the cost of running your salon? What I do is take that total and divide it evenly amoungst the BR's. I get my rent for free.
  8. codam
    Renting by the week brilliant idea, I rang around a few salons and they were charging about 100 150 a week or a 50/50 split, thanks for your comments and ideas it nice to know people are out there who you can talk to.


  9. deehair
    im a hairdresser in manchester wanting to rent a chair with in a salon but i have no idea how to go about it can you put me in t5hr right direction maybe charge her £100 a week

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