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Discussion in 'Hair' started by mobiehair, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. mobiehair
    Hi I am a mobile hairdresser and i have been using Matrix hair colour for some years now and really like the products, but one of my clients seems to have extreamly resistant grey hair and the Matrix colourant does not seem to stay. I have tried pretty much everyother colour from the warehouse that i go to but nothing seems to last in her hair.
    She says after a week or so the colour from the root has gone back to grey?
    I have tried a peroxide bath before i have applied colour but this hasnt worked either?
    I'm starting to think that its just her hair that is growing that fast the roots are showing up sooner. she does have a dark brown colour but wont have it any lighter.
    Is there anything on the market that is better for resistant hair? please advise:rolleyes:
  2. *JOANNE*
    clynol do plus tones....specifically for grey but they are quite matt/flat looking you can add tones to them though..hth
    other than that like you say with a dark colour the grey root regrowth is probably quite obvious against the dark...
  3. blutopaz
    If her hair is growing really fast then she may well just be seeing the roots coming through and like you know, the contrast will show so much more between the dark and the light.

    Have you checked her hair after a week or so?

    Which peroxide level do you use on her? im guessing the standard 3% or 6%, what about trying 9%? as the peroxide can soften the resistant hair allowing for better penetration.

    or you could just try a plain retouch with just 6% to soften then do your usual retouch as normal. :)
  4. liana kay
    I also have a client who says the tint washes out , think is when i go backto do it 4 weeks later , i can see the line -so it cant wash out . I think that my client may have fast growing hair , in 2 weeks theres about 5 mm regrowth . All i can think of that may help apart from using the double base shades is to use a higher peroxide level , but if pre softening doesnt work then it probably wont either .
  5. mobiehair
    I use 6% and have tried 3 and 4 % peroxide also. I think it it more than likely the fast regrowth as when i go back it it just the roots that are grey and the ends havent faded at all!
    But i cant seem to get through to her that her hair is growing fast and she doesnt want it any lighter which i have advised her to do.
    i feel like im in a no win situation,
    She is having it done now every 3 weeks I will try with 9% peroxide see if that works. Thanks guys x:)
  6. blutopaz
    A blessing for some and a burden for others but some peoples hair just grows fast! lol

    My mums (and mine - but im highlights and naturally fair so not so bad) grows so fast by the end of the first week you can see the regrowth, but she was a hairdresser herself and doesnt question it as she knows its purely the rate of her hair, i have to colour every 3-4 weeks as by this point its easily 3/4 inch regrowth.

    I think to really get it through to your client you may need to re-visit her a week or two after to confirm it is the rate of hair growth, your obviously going to be able to tell as there would be a fade within the last application area.

    Some clients no matter how logically explained just can't understand the new growth isnt going to come through coloured as well :smack:

    I doubt there is but is there any root glow? it could be this she is seeing, then it might be that you need to mix a little darker for the roots to counteract the resistance, or as iv already said pre soften it but im siding with fast growth.

    maybe worth asking if her nails grow fast to, as they are both made of the same stuff it might trigger an understanding then or that the roots need colouring the same as the ends need cutting - because it grows!:p
  7. scottydolly
    hmmm i wud give the 9 percent a whack like. . . ihave just experienced something similar, albeit a different colour, my aunt has like fair gingery hair and it is beyond course, and she decided to get some low and highlights, but didnt want bleach. . . we attempted some 12/89 in 12% and the low lights she wanted to be a reddy shade so we used 6/41 i think it was (memory may be lying) and since i was just depositig colour used 6 percent. . . well i shuda thought before her hair wud be tres resistant, but didnt, so holdin my hands up, and the 6% barely touched her hair, i felt so bad so next time im gonna have to use 9% to deposit darker colour eeek. . x

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