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Discussion in 'Skin' started by cherubs, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. cherubs
    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any remedies for spots on chins!! they're not black or white heads kinda like little bumps under the skin and this is grose but when squeezed white comes out:eek: I only have them on my chin and nowhere else. I stopped wearing foundation cos i thought that was causing it but always use cream/fake tan on my face. Any ideas?
    thanks in advance
  2. * Nail Freak *
    Hi there, this my sound grose but when you squeeze them is it string like coming out? if so they are similar to blackheads, basically a blocked pore, cleanse tone and moisturising twice daily reduces them also weekly face masks will help, unfortunatley its probably your skin type that cause these (are you oily on your chin?) so you probably cant get rid of them altogther, using products on your skin, foundation/ fake tan shouldnt cause a problem as long as you c,t,m twice daily, also dont squeeze to much as you will damage the skin causing inflammation and possible infection using products containing tea tree will also help ( like t-zone). Hope this helps x
  3. cherubs
    Hi, the string you describe is spot on (pardon the pun) ! I am quite oily on my chin also, can you recommend any product lines to use? would professional ones make any difference cos I can't stand the smell of tea tree!
    thanks again
  4. princessk
    if they are lumps under the skin these are hormonal & best to leave, although some therapist may be able to lance it out.

  5. CadenceAlex
    I get this from time to time, I have an oily T zone - I find that the St Ives exfoliating scrub in the peach coloured tube is the best - I rub it in then slough all the dead skin cells away with a flannel. Really refreshes my skin, then after a day or so.. my skin is nice and soft. You can do this every day if you want.

    Exfoliation is good, but some people say only do it occasionally.
  6. princessk
    it depends on the exfoliant you use.
    there are some you can use daily, others you can use weekly
  7. CadenceAlex
    Yeah its a matter of opinion - I've seen some 100 year old women with unbelieveable skin and they've sworn by soap and water!!
  8. * Nail Freak *
    i use hive solutions cleanse , tone & moisturiser ( they do different ones for each skin type) but most brands do the same job its just what you like using. I am combination skin - oily T zone and normal on cheeks also i use a clay mask once a week you can buy from beauty warehouses the ingredients, for myself i use fullers earth & kaolin (powders) 50/50 (mixed with witchhazel) on t zone then kaolin (mixed with rose water) on normal areas these masks are very basic but effective at cleansing and drawing out impurities they are also extremely cheap!
  9. * Nail Freak *
    I use a great scrub i mix my normal daily cleanser with fine oatmeal (from the beauty warehouse) do the same circular motions as you would with a pre made exfoliant and i wipe it off with facial sponges! i find it really effective and its great if you have sensitive skin!
  10. bubbabinks
    I had some bumps appear and when squeezed puss came out.
    They felt quite hard, so I went to the doctor.
    The doctor diagonosed them as boils, there was a posh name for them, but thats what they were.
    They are basically blocked pores that have become infected, can be brought on by stress. They went away by themselves, but could flare up anytime. The doctor said if they come back worse they could be lansed.
    Now I'm not saying thats what you have, but before you go trying every lotion/potion on them I would consider seeing the doctor, purely because you dont want to irritate them and make them worse.
  11. tammie jayne
    Hi i have my own salon and use dermalogica fantastic product great for all skin types, reasonably priced they start at £19.50 for a skin kit which contains, cleanser, exfoliator,toner moisturiserand a few freebies such as masks or eye creams these skin kits lasts up to 6 weeks by then you will c a huge difference in your skin people who do dermalogica have to be dermalogica trained and know exactly what they are talking about, or they should do anyway, you sound like oily skin but you need to have a face map this tells you what skin type you are, so find somewhere near that does dermalogica and book in for a face map this should be free :)
  12. paulette
    Im getting these too lately loads, just got another one today on the chin hurts like mad takes ages to come out. Seems like by the time one goes another comes up?? I have no idea why though I do use facial washes etc.
  13. paulette
    I think Ill try some of the dermatologica products they do sound very good, where do I buy them from...the net??
  14. huberella
    I agree. breakouts on the chin and jaw line are usually hormonal and will come and go with your menstrual cycle.

    I am also dermalogica certified. I love it. Being in Canada I'm not sure how to help you, but they do have a website that can tell you locations close to you.
  15. Monique

    I also agree that it is your menstrual cycle. I feel that base is good for the bumps, because it dries it out.

    What I actually do, is throw a little bit, really just a little bit of Epson Salt in my coffee / tea in the morning. Nothing bad happens, but it cleans the blood stream. I keep doing this for about two weeks and then my face looks beautiful again. You will see that your face will go bad at the chin, but don't worry, it is just the really bad stuff that is coming out. And afterwards it looks beautiful.

    I hope this helps.
  16. huberella

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