Spray tan going on green!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Bed Bunny, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Bed Bunny
    I have just started working in my first job as a beauty therapist and the salon where i work uses Vani-T spray tan solution. It comes out green!

    If we measure out even a little bit too much we are expected to pour it back into the bottle afterwards. Could this be why? Also, the salon owner is paying £50 per litre of solution which seems a lot to me.

    She doesn't do spray tans herself so she does't have the embarassment of spraying someone green and says it's supposed to be like that to counteract any orange.

    I was thinking that if i could get some free samples of cheaper tans she would obviously be interested as she'd make more profit. Can anyone suggest good but cheap spray tan makes?

  2. Ruth Mills
    Is it the guide colour that is green, or the actual developed tan itself? I'd doubt the latter, unless it's designed for Martians!

    I'd also find it extremely strange that a spray tan product would use a green guide colour, as that would look completely unnatural on someone who has just been in for a spray tan - surely they'd get some funny looks if they went back home on the bus???

    A lot of the geeks on here recommend Tantrick. I've been sprayed with Tantrick myself (when I modelled for Elaine back in March) and it turned out great on me... I didn't go green either!
  3. Bed Bunny
    it's the guide colour that's green, but as you say, people are expected to go home like that and we are on a high street so lots of people will see them!
  4. Ruth Mills
    How bizarre! Thankfully, with Tantrick, the guide colour is brown... or, in the case of their new "Essence of Summer" tanning solution, there is no guide colour.
  5. Katelisa
    lol, my essence of summer sprays on with a green tinge!! like this>:green:

  6. Ruth Mills
    You haven't been mixing it up with green body paint have you lol???
  7. Katelisa
    lol, noooo. it has green to counteract orange i believe.
  8. loubylou
    Spray tan solution will go green if it has been stored wrongly, it needs to be somewhere cool and dark,
    or it could have come to the end of its shelf life,
    or it could be a faulty batch, you can find out by contacting the supplier and asking if there have been other complaints,
    hth :hug:
  9. g5m_sh
  10. pippadoodle
    I would advise the salon owner to get in touch with vani-t supplier.

    Maybe its an old batch or has not been stored correctly. I use the 12% mixed with the 8% on some clients and have found the 12% does have a greenish tinge when applied, however when the guide colour is showered off the colour is fine. I would contact the supplier though and see if they have experienced anything similar with other users.
  11. flirties
    Someone has already mentioned that certain liquids need to be stored specially for example dark and cool so that might be a reason and tanning liquids also have a shelf life after which they might turn green or not work as efficiently.

    What you can sometimes find is that any liquid can look a bit green under certain circumstances for example when it comes in contact with air (ie you might find the residue around the lid might look green-ish) or it can discolour when it is stored in a metal container...

    These discolourations are nothing to worry about and usually when it is sprayed will not even be noticeable or disappear as the spray dries so your client would not have to go home looking green :O))
  12. Cathie!
    If the solutions have colourings in them, generally red, yellow and blue which mixed together make brown, the red tends to break down first, when stored in non-ambient conditions, leaving the yellow and blue = green!

    Not a good look for the client or the therapist. Try and find a solution which doesn't use artificial colourings for the guide colour.

    BTW I don't know whether VaniT does or doesn't, just speaking from experience!
  13. Ruth Mills
    I'm pretty sure that Tantrick uses caramel for the guide colour. As this is naturally brown (as opposed to a mixture of synthetic colours) then I would imagine this would be less likely to go green over time...
  14. Bed Bunny
    thanks for all your replies. The bottles are stored in a dark room but it's pretty warm so maybe that's not helping. It's the medium and dark shades that are really green, the light isn't too bad.

    The salon only charges £12.50 for a spray tan and what with all the overheads, i can't see that she's making that much profit when she has to spend £50 per litre of tanning solution.
  15. Cathie!
    Yes, they do, but they haven't always, hence my experience of Shrek tanning ( years ago now) and change of product!
  16. loubylou
    The warmth will do this to the solution, time to find a new storing place hth
  17. flirties
    That seems awfully low even bearing in mind that it varies from area to area but as an average the charge would be £20 to £25 especially for a salon as you would have to cover rent and overheads. You would normally get 22-25 full body tans out of a litre and that way the salon should be ok with paying for the litres.
  18. EbonyEyes
    Vani-T sprays on Chocolate brown
    Green means air has gotten to it and discoloured the bronzers, this is the end of its shelf life
    The end result will still be the same but the DHA will begin to breakdown also
    Contact your supplier, green is not normal!!
  19. sharon h
    Hi I noticed my 8 % had gone green when I started to spray a client the other day (normally brown) I washed of the solution and opened a new bottle and it was fine. I think it was the warm weather we had, my solution is stored in a dark coolish place but obviously the room must have got really hot and spoiled the solution. I keep my solution in the fridge now and make sure the lids are tighly closed.
  20. pink_chocolate
    Try celebrity secrets... love it! hth


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