The best acrylic nail products and gels?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by jessikahuny, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. jessikahuny
    Hiya, im new to this site,
    Im doing a 2 day nail course soon on gel and acrylic nails, i have the basic idea on how to do them, just want to get the certs.

    Can anybody tell me what are the best products for uv gel nails, and acrylic nails.?

    I dont want to get an awful brand that dosent last long, I know Cnd is great, but what others ?
    Thank u so much .
  2. xxclairexx
    There are lots to choose from and everyone will stand by what they use if your using a different brand to what you train in then I would deffinately recommend a conversion course with that company as not all products are applied the same... You have young nails, NSI, ezflow, cnd, nfuoh, nail harmony.... And there are lots more. Enjoy your course :) x
  3. geeg
    With a basic idea and 2 days of training "just to get the certs" I wish you all the best.

    You can't really believe that that is all there is to it can you? :eek:

    Why do you want the 'best' products without the best training to use them? Doesn't make any sense.
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  4. Rhiannon1408
    I agree with Gigi.
    Please please please don't think it's as easy as getting the certificates!
    The pros make it look easy (hence they are pros) it takes a lot of practice, patience and skill to even get to the point of turning out a good set.

    However I do wish you the best of luck with your course.
    Rhiannon x
  5. smith.
    I trained in nails and I think that you need to try a few so that you can decide what suits you I don't understand why people have to be negative and always put a word across that isn't helpful to the questions asked

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  6. jessikahuny
    no no obviously i know i need loadsa loadsa practise, i know its difficult..
    iv bin doing nails for awhile, and im still not great at it.. but im doing the course so i can get the certs aswell as understand it all. Didnt mean it like im just doing it for the certs.
    The only reason i wanna know good products cos i dont want random products that are crap, cos there expensive. and the products i have... are crap!!! :) and i know the people that im doing the course with are gonna sell me the products that they have, and if there not that great, whats the point..
    make sense? .. i dunno!!
    thanks for yer help.
  7. geeg
    Not sure what was negative or unhelpful anywhere! Just trying to establish what the poster wants.

    Surely if one knows which the good products are, then it makes more practical sense to do a course with those products than it is to do a course with products one knows nothing about and then being co-erced into buying products one doesnt want? Now is that unhelpful advice or practical advice now we know what the OP is really wanting?

    So OP that is my considered opinion and advice to you. Do things once, right from the start, rather than twice or three times before you get it right.
  8. Rhiannon1408
    I hope you don't think I was being unhelpful?! I certainly didn't mean it like that.
    I only said what I said as I myself did a 2 day course in l&p back in March and not realising how rubbish it was I have been struggling through it all. Thanks to Salon Geek and the amazing techs here I have learnt a lot and am now 1000 times better. I've even booked onto the CND conversion course :) I just don't want anyone to go through what I did :(

    I don't know who you are training with hun but stick to your guns and don't be persuaded into buying products you don't want.
    Rhiannon x
    Ps - listen to Gigi she's amazing :)
  9. jessikahuny
    No not at all , im glad of any answers to be honest. :) I just wished i had heard of this site before booking my course, cos i wanna do a good course that il benifit from.( which im sure sumbody here could have recommended ) I tryed researching it as much as i could but i hope iv made the right choice. Its just the products are my biggest worry. So are ye saying , Do the course, then do conversion course when i have selected the product which i prefer to use? I cant back out of doing the 2 day course as its on Monday and tuesday!! :)
    I really hope it goes well!! :) thanks again xx
  10. Rhiannon1408
    Yes I would say so as you are already committed to the course. Ask as many questions as you can think of to try and get the most out of it.

    Try different products as not everyone gets on with one in particular, although CND is probably the most popular here.

    I used to use The Edge products and I was quite disheartened when I wasn't getting good results no matter what I did, I purchased a CND starter kit and wow! What a difference it has made! Although I'm nowhere near perfect! That's why I'm doing the conversion, to learn how to use the CND products correctly.

    I know this is just my personal experience but I hope it has helped and I really do wish you the best of luck.
    Rhiannon x
  11. ceknott
    Hello. Where is the course please. I want the same.
  12. Noodle
    Staff Member
    This thread was created in 2011, and the quoted poster has not visited Salon Geek since 2014.

    If you still require answers to training questions, please create a new thread in the Nail forum.

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