Thinning Seche Vite top coat

Discussion in 'Nail' started by lasach66, May 9, 2011.

  1. lasach66
    Can anyone advise me, can you thin Seche Vite topcoat with normal polish thinner or would it make the topcoat cloudy? x
  2. cookiemonster


    i wouldn't use normal polish thinner, there is a seche vite thinner named 'Restore', sallys sells it with a trade discount. It only takes a few drops to work. x
  3. lasach66
    Thank you for the advice, I'll have a look at Sallys x
  4. Nickilou
    Seche vite is great but does tend to thicken before bottle is empty ! Always keep a bottle of restore and you'll be fine - thins it nicely x
  5. lasach66
    Thanks I will look in my trade only Sallys as been to local sell to public Sallys and didnt have in. x

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