Wella anti fade bath

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Hailskay, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Hailskay
    Me again :) now I'm mobile and doing lots more colour I'm loving this site for advice!!
    I've never done the wella anti fade bath and wondering how others find the results?
    Do you do it once the regrowth tint is on or after the regrowth has developed?
    Would using pastel or ct and 1.9% give you better results?ive got a client who I use 8/34 and 9% on regrowth and I never take it through to ends with the 9% as it'll fade even more,I've tried 1.9 and pastel but wondering what you guys think is best to refresh colour x
  2. KMack_Ox
    I've always used pastel developer or 1.9% to refresh also a couple times If I'm toning to brighten blonde up ill use a koleston perfect hi lift tint with 6% instead of pastel xx

    Kerry 💕
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  3. Hailskay
    That's great thankyou for reply I'll stick with the pastel and 1.9% xx
  4. KMack_Ox
    No problem glad to help x

    Kerry 💕
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