Who can train to do Botox or filler?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by sammymeme, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. sammymeme
    ok tired of getting different results (ie conflicting!) re who can train to do botox and or fillers Q do you have to be a doctor?
    thanks in advance xxx
  2. Lynne Baker
    You have to be a doctor, dentist, or suitably qualified and insured nurse.
    I don't know which insurance companies would insure a beauty therapist to do it, and there has been much debate over the sagacity of this anyway.
  3. ashalina23
    Spot on lynne. Its also a contraversial area which has been on here before regarding the appropiateness of the doctor or dentist conducting a telephone consultation with the client that a non prescribing nurse is with when the dr or dentist has no idea of what the client looks like!
  4. sammymeme
    Thanks guys this was confusing me, as some sites said Anyone could train!!! and others said you must be a doctor, nurse, or dentist, at least your response has cleard it up once and for all xxx
  5. smooth
    To administer botox you need to be a prescriber, of which beauty therapists cannot legally become one nor joe bloggs off the street. Nurses who are not prescribers should now not be administering botox either so if you are a salon owner who has a nurse coming in to run clinics and they call doctors so the client can speak to them, that should not be done.

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