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Bio Sculpture Gel with Bundle Monster Plate

Bio Sculpture Gel with Bundle Monster Plate

Mrsp these are great beautiful combo. Are the stamping kits easy to use have heard they can be a bit tricky?
Tips if you havent used a stamp before. If you buy a new stamp ensure that you use a file to file away at the surface of the stamp. (This just seems to remove the initial shine & ensures that the image is picked up off the plate).
I have got the Barry M varnish in the Silver & Gold Instant Nail Effects Range. And also Konads own varnish.... I've not investigated on other varnishes but I am sure the thicker consistancy ones are the ones that will work well best x

In the meantime (whilst I highjacked this image) I really like this set you have done....

As sleeping beauty has said buff the stamper first. I now find it easy to do but I did struggle at first until I read the thread on the main forum called something like 'Konad All you need to know'. This inspired me to get my stamping kit out and I haven't looked back. (I now have a collection nearing 500 images which drives my customers mad!)
I really like the look of these nails. When I perfect my plain technique, I will look in to trying Konad. What a great job!

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