acrylic infill


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    Acrylic infill on Polygel nails?

    Can you infill polygel nails with acrylic? I'm having 50/50 answers off nail tech friends and the place I qualified so thought I would ask here!
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    E-file training?

    Hi everyone I havnt used an e-file in years as I usually prefer to hand file, but now am having serious repetitive strain problems with my wrists. Which is making me consider an e-file. But i dont feel confident enough to just use one as i have witnessed the damage they can cause in the wrong...
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    Acrylic nail infill

    I’m new to this, and completely unsure if im posting this in the correct place so apologies in advance. I’m taking training course in nails but I still like taking the time out my day to go to salons and have my nails done by other professionals. Today I went for my first infill... however I...