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  1. P

    New to acrylics

    Hello so I qualified in acrylics in May, it was I think around 3 long days and we got given a booklet with everything in it for use after the course. The problem is, I work in a salon and I’ve not been doing a lot of sets. I went through a phase around July time of doing set after set and...
  2. E

    Unsure which type of nail system to use for actress

    hello salon geek forum, I am a trained hair & makeup artist, and also trained in all things beauty, including gel polish nails and L&P acrylics, not Hard UV Gel though! I work as a makeup and hair artist in the film industry, and I will be doing one of the actresses nails on a film, but as I...
  3. Realist.jen

    Which polishes to use?

    Hey, I am a new nail technician, I have bought over 40 opi nail polishes and as soon as I have applied them to nails or acrylics they are quite patchy and sheer, not as opaque as in a “normal” nail shop. I have started to look around for different nail polishes but I’m not sure what’s the best...
  4. Soph_beauty

    Glittered acrylic

    Hello, I have just started acrylics using NSI nail brand. I have recently been looking into nails and a lot of younger girls like to have coloured acrylics and glittered acrylics. I know that NSI is a good nail brand and can be trusted as to why I chose it however they have very little colours...
  5. S

    Acrylics as a mobile nail tech?

    I’m an esthetician and I’m thinking about going back to school to become a nail tech. I would want to self employ and go to my clients to do nails. I haven’t seen anything as far as techs doing acrylic or gel applications as a mobile nail tech. Please give me some insight on whether this is...
  6. K

    Acrylic infills not lasting

    Hi, I've tried to find a thread similar to what I'm wondering but can't, so sorry if this has already been answered! It's been a few months since I qualified & I did a full set of acrylics on a client which lasted really well until her infills. I infilled the nails and after a few days she's...