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    Colour advice please

    Hi! After some advice on a client I'm doing a colour for please. She has a natural ginger root coming through into previously coloured hair (around base 5/6 with hints of red/purple). She is wanting to lighten her overall colour (to a base 7) with ash tones running into a balyage (as light as...
  2. W

    Client wanting ash balayage

    Hi there! My client I’m going to be doing the balayage on already has a bleach blonde base that’s got a cool tone as that’s her previous hair colour she’s had. I work mostly with NXT. Wondering what the best ash colours/ shades to use are as she wants it darker at the root smudged into a...
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    Elumen advice - eggplant to light brown balayage

    Hi All - My hair is currently colored with a mix of Goldwell Elumen VV@all (dark purple eggplant) and NG@6 (brown) and is at about a level 4 (pic attached). I have about an inch of roots and my natural color is a level 5 so not a huge contrast. I have purposefully not colored for 2.5 months and...